Are you interested in the spiritual heritage of the northern lands but don’t know where to begin? Heard a whisper from your ancestors or embodied in the shape of a rune?

Hearthspace circle

The Hearthspace circle is an on-line magical space offering weekly content that you can pick up in your own time or attend as a live class (normally on a Friday lunchtime London time).

By my virtual fireside you will find:

  1. Immersion in the lore, oracular wisdom and spiritual mysteries of our northern European ancestors
  2. Transformational gateways opened through sacred story, rune readings and embodiment practice
  3. Facilitated discovery of your own relationship with the runes, spirit guides and divinity of the northern lands
  4. Shared insight and experience from the wisdom of community at the end of each session 

Circles are hosted on Zoom and recorded as video or audio (content dependent). As a Hearthspace circle member you have access to all previous circle recordings; a library of over 50 sacred encounters with ancient wisdom supporting an inspired future. 

*Annual membership includes the Magin Rose 2022 winter ceremonies of hearth tending, soul wounding and edge-dwelling as a special gift in your resource library. 

Your work feels like the connection to the oral traditions of my people that I’ve been searching for.  Thank you!


Hearthspace inner circle

The Magin Rose Hearthspace is the perfect way to initiate a relationship with this part of your sacred landscape. Our ancestors did not learn the spiritual ways of their people and land from a book or a webpage. They lived them through story, ritual, and seership. Gentle immersion, moments of initiation, exploration in community, direct revelation from land and spirit.

2023 and your Hearthspace library

Since 2021 the Hearthspace offering has been based around an annual theme with each month exploring a facet of that theme. A ‘patron’ for the year and for each month guides the creation of the journey.

In 2023 we will be exploring the theme of exile and edge-walking. Our guides include: Hela, goddess of the underworld; Freya the lady of the Vanir; Heimdal the bridge guardian of the Aesir and Nott, the bringer of night. 

Your Hearthspace library contains previous circles from 2022 The Wounded Gods and 2021 The Hearths of the Asyniur (the 12 handmaidens of Frigg).   

*Annual membership includes 3 special introductory circles. 

Maggie talks about the programme

What do I need to take part?

You will need a quiet space and it is recommended you have a notebook and pen. For rune reading classes having your own rune set is advisable; if it is a simple spread I can normally draw runes for one or two people on their behalf. If you don’t have a set yet you can write them out on paper until you get one (look at the Elder Futhark page for their shapes). 

How will I get to the in person circles?

The circles are in the Hearthspace zoom room. The zoom room link is in your members area which you will get access to as soon as you subscribe. You will receive a notification of the circle times and dates by email and they are also listed as events in the Hearthspace Facebook group. 

Do I have to be a Heathen or pagan to participate?

No, the Hearthspace is not a religious group, it is a space for spiritual exploration. My personal belief is that spiritual calling may flow from language, ancestry, land or felt connection. Many of our members come from multi-spirituality backgrounds and are eclectic in their own practice.

Can I participate for one session?

You can take out a monthly membership for a single month and then pause or cancel your subscription. Each month of classes is a complete cycle of exploration, insight, transformation and sharing so you can also pick up at any point in the year and not worry that you have missed content essential for understanding of the next theme.