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Join my supportive and creative community of northern tradition practitioners developing and exploring their craft together. 

Mastery is the personal and professional development cauldron for graduates of Awaken to the Runes seeking to deepen their practice and create magical offerings for themselves, their businesses and communities. 

Mastery is an on-going membership programme combining an extensive library of on-line training and inspiration resources with real-time events hosted on Zoom. 

How to join

Mastery is only available to graduates of Awaken to the Runes. 

Your Mastery membership is £55.

Mastery has helped me find more of me through the runes. Deeper connection to my magickal self, deeper connection to my inner creatrix. It gives me a strong foundation to explore within a wonderful safe place with like-minded soulds and for me it's my cauldron of alchemy of self.
Mastery member for 3 years

Frequently asked questions

Mastery is a membership meaning you can join this magical community and stay as long as you like. Your subscription is paid monthly.

Yes. If you didn’t do all of your certifications during Awaken you can complete them within Mastery. Mastery members have the option to request attendance at selected Awakening Wisdom Working Circles if they want to revise that content. 

You can join Mastery as long as you were on Awaken for the full programme (i.e. you did not drop out or defer part way through). Mastery is an ideal vessel for working through any Awakening content you didn’t cover during your foundations year. You can use your personal project, a level 1 certification or the runic wheel of the year to structure your own mastery path through the Awakening materials. 

No. The Circles are designed for exploration, practice and shares. Each year there are normally 4 circles dedicated to the pathways of practice, 4 to your personal intentions and creative work and 4 to themes identified as relevant and important to the group that year.

Co-working is a day hosted on Zoom where members come together to work on their projects, runes, magical work and personal development. We set intentions at the beginning of the day and work with screens on but sound off. We check in with each other every hour to support each other’s progress and manage our energy. Co-working normally includes an opportunity for creative masterminding and shares towards the end of the day. It is absolutely fine to come for part of the day. 

No. For some people this is the reason they do Mastery but for others its not important at all.  You can use the Mastery space to support the initiation, development, completion and review of a project harnessing the energy of the wheel of the year and techniques shares in the Mastery space. BUT, this is only one of the ways in which you can use the Mastery space to support your personal and professional development. 

If you have graduated from Yggdrasil’s Path, Healing for Others certification or completed your first year of Birth Runes Soul Journey then you will find a number of alumni events and resources available to you as part of Mastery. These include:


  • 2 group ceremonies each year for Yggdrasil’s Path graduates
  • 4 healing shares for certified rune healers plus licensing through Magin Rose and resources you can use with your clients
  • Birth Runes Soul Journey participants get continued access to the monthly coach and connect sessions 

The resource library is growing all the time. Here’s a taster:

  • Over 30 training sessions in working with different rune readings
  • The Mastery book list
  • Trainings supporting you in developing ways of working as a spirit-led human
  • Inspiration shares and trainings from Maggie and members of the Mastery community
  • Recorded masterclasses in rune healing, seership, magics and embodied practice

Mastery is a membership programme meaning you can join any time. There are two primary times when practitioners choose to join Mastery:

  • At the beginning of the rune cycle when the half-month of Fehu opens (around 29th June)*
  • Prior to or immediately after completing one of the Magin Rose advanced elective** programmes

*The cycle welcome circle occurs in the half month of Fehu each year – it is recorded for later joiners

**As a graduate of an elective programme and member of Mastery you have exclusive access to dedicated events supporting your on-going development: monthly coach & connect sessions for Birth Runes Soul Journey; 2 shamanic journeying ceremonies a year for Yggdrasil’s Path graduates and 4 healing shares for certified rune healers.

Here are the dates for core events in 24-25. New dates are published each year and shared in the Mastery group. Members are notified of core events via email. All elective events are published in the Mastery group. 


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