The urge to heal: to offer comfort to others, ease suffering and support a return to wholeness is one of our most ancient instincts. 

The figure of the Healer is amongst the oldest of our global archetypes and is found throughout cultures. In modern Western culture the Healer has been wounded through an inner and outer conflict between science and spirituality. In the past the herb-charmer, hedge-sitter, leodrune, drȳ, vitki and spákona  would simply have selected the right tools for the job with no fear of an inner judgement or outer punishment.

Through my work I endevour to support my naturally talent Healers to: 

💫 overcome the woundings society has placed on them and

💫reclaim partnership with the energies and spirit worlds of the northern peoples and lands.

Loving the Healer back into life and power

A very large proportion of my students and private clients have high Healer energy. In my ‘power of 3’ model they are incredibly service-focused and spirit-led but their final foundation is crumbling: they do not attract the abundance they need to offer their deepest most powerful service to the world from a place of health, happiness and prosperity. 

If this is you, know it’s not your fault. You are tangled in a web spun long before you were born: designed to control who can offer healing and how they can offer it.  If your Healer needs to be love back into life and power please do visit my page about Amplify your Magic. This is my programme for people just like you, with magic in their bones and the seed of a better world in their hearts. 

Amplify your Magic

Train as a northern tradition Healer

There is a huge amount of untapped potential for healers within the northern tradition. Voice work (galdr), embodied practices, spirit guides, elements and healing landscapes, energetic gateways, trance practices and magical correspondences abound (take a peek at this video for more on rune magics).   

  You can work exclusively within the tradition or blend the runes and other energies within the northern tradition with your existing healing practices. So, I have yet to fully understand why we are not making use of this rich and powerful system. Perhaps we just don’t find things from our own heritage as sexy or exotic as someone else’s? Perhaps we think we don’t deserve it having obliterated and colonized so much that wasn’t ours? Perhaps we are afraid to face the spiritual heritage we let ourselves give up (whether willingly or under duress). Perhaps we are souls woven of so many geographical, cultural, linguistic and spiritual heritages we don’t feel like we can belong to any?

So let’s imagine for a moment that it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from. It only matters where you’re going. Somewhere in the belly of the land and the heartbeat of the stars the old gods are rising and they are looking for souls burning to offer something good and bright and powerful into the world. Is that you?

Rune healing

Runes offer incredibly versatility for your healing work. Each of the 24 runes in the Elder Futhark holds a resevoir of energy suited for particular purposes. You can work with them as symbols, sounds, energetic gateways and healing guides. Trained rune healers feel the energies of the runes moving through their own bodies and draw on those energies for their clients. If that wasn’t enough, every rune can be combined with any of the other runes to provide totally bespoke healing frequencies that can be used during healing sessions as well as afterwards for empowerment (e.g. creating an essential oil charged with those same energies or providing a meditation or power song to continue the healing connection).  

This is a bind rune invoking the Healer self by harnessing the power of Uruz (wildness, strength) and Laguz (water, purification). Bind runes can be created using symbols and/ or sounds to offer unique healing energies. Both methods are taught as part of my foundations programme Awaken to the Runes

Healing from the World Tree

You know one of the things I love about the deities and guides of the northern tradition? They are not perfect. Most of them have experienced deep physical or emotional woundings. Sacrifice, grief, failure, shame and loss are part of their stories. Like us they walk in the shadow of death – they are not immortal.

There are nine worlds upon the Northern European world tree. Every single one offers its own unique healing; from the ancestral mounds of Helheim to the ice plains of Nifelheim, from the great Halls of Asgard to the wild mountains of Jotunheim. Animals spirits, elemental forces, land wights, disir, nornir and healing deities such as Eir and Mengloth – there are so many spirit partners waiting to work with us. 

My personal mission is to help Western practitioners reclaim their magic. I specialise in voice healing: healing story and healing song recovered from old, fragmented sources and revitalised through direct connection with spirit. Oracular stories, galdr, birth rune weavings, varδlokkur, Wild Voice writing. Journeying on the World Tree with me is not about treading my path – it is a discovery of yours. Many rune practitioners go on to work with me on my shamanic programme Yggdrasil’s Path.

So how do you get started?

Join Awaken to the Runes my foundations programme to begin your journey as a rune healer and northern tradition shamanic practitioner. 

On the programme you will connect with each of the runes in the Elder Futhark through story, song and meditation. The programme includes modules on self healing and healing for others with the runes as well as 9 other comprehensive modules on healing techniques with the runes including: voice; body; colours and elements; crystals, minerals and earthlore; animals; soul lore; plants, herbs and oils; working with guides and bind runes in sound. 

Awaken to the Runes

The programme includes a certified course in self healing with the runes and is the pre-requesite for my Rune Healing for Others certified practitioner training. You can read about every stage from Awaken through to licensed practitioner here