Hammer of Thor

For those of us who are energetically sensitive, conduct healing, magical or devotional work a ritual to cleanse and protect space is a must.

You probably already know that Thor’s Hammer Mjolinir  (lightning) is a mighty weapon.  Thor (thunder) is the designated protector of both Asgard (the realm of the Gods) and Midgard (our world). As well as smighting enemies Mjolnir was also used to bless and hallow (make holy) the land, relationships and harvests.  

The Magin Rose homestead blessing hammer

The Hammer of Thor workshop

This short workshop is designed to give you a thorough grounding in the myth and history of Mjolnir (the Hammer of Thor) and practical experience of using the Hammer as a means of blessing and protecting yourself and your working space.  The Hammer Rite which you are going ot learn provides you with a means to create a safe and sacred space around yourself for energy work, psychic readings, journeying, magickal work or simply to protect your home or personal space.

The content of your workshop includes:

  • The history, myth and symbolism of Thor’s Hammer
  • A guided meditation (supplied as a sound file) to establish a personal connection with the Hammer of Thor
  • The history and uses of the Hammer Rite
  • Instructions for performing the basic Hammer Rite
  • A discussion of, and instructions for performing the full Hammer Rite, based on the original Rite created by the rune master Edred Thorsson
  • Instructions for performing a simplified Hammer Rite
  • A brief guide to adapting the Hammer Rite for working in the Anglo-Saxon tradition

The module includes wordings in Modern English, Old Norse and Old English, diagrams of the individual elements of the Rite, a discussion of why the elements are as they are, and full referencing.