Dancing the threads, weaving the tapestry. Silent, powerful, beautiful, terrible. Opening, embracing, closing, mourning. There at the beginning, there at the end. Song of the body, wonder of the heart, desire in the belly, pulse of the womb. Birthing worlds, reaping the dead. Battle-goddess, sovereign, protectress, mother of desire, heart of silence, flowering of life.


Frigg's Chariot rune: the position of Venus on the runic wheel at the time of your birth

About Frigg's Chariot

You can print out this workbook or use the prompt questions for exploration in your own journalling.

Frigg's Chariot meditation

Elder futhark

You can remind yourself of each of the runes and their meanings on the Magin Rose Elder Futhark pages. 

The halls

When it feels right deepen your connection to your rune with the corresponding Hall meditation.

The hearths

When it feels right deepen your connection to your  rune with your corresponding Hearth meditation.