A 2-week supported journey of connection to your personal Disir circle including ceremony, meditative journeys and wisdom sharing for you to participate in at your own pace.  This event takes place during the half month of Othala: the rune of the ancestry, the hearth and legacy.

Who are the Disir?

Your Disir form a personal circle of supporting, guiding spirits who have been with you since birth.  They include your own ancestors by blood, belief and bond and extend outwards to include spirit guides and goddesses.  Many people view them as being specifically female spirits; my personal experience is that a Disir circle is made up of those who embody the divine feminine.  There will be a session on the Disir and gender during the event.

Who can take part?

The event is suitable for those completely new to the Disir as well as those who want to go deeper with their connection and discover new ways of working with these powerful members of your soul clan.  Women, men and non-binary people are all welcome.   Participants should be over 18 or under parental guidance as  sensitive topics will be covered.

Logistics and price

The event is hosted via a specially created private Facebook group so you can access the videos and downloads, ask questions, participate in discussion and meet like-minded people.  Registration is just £25* for the full two week event.

*Just over 30 US dollars

A lot of people don’t have accounts and/ or don’t want to be on Facebook.  Don’t worry.  You can create an anonymous account with a pseudonym and no picture – no one needs to know it’s you and you can attend the event without any other FB engagement.

Sessions will be released daily through the full 16 days.  The energetic space will be held for all participants through that time so you can listen to the sessions, do the meditations and ceremony at your own pace.  You will get an overview timetable when you register and notifications of the following day’s sessions each day.

Yes, bookings will close on 8th June which will still give you 5 days to participate in the event.  

No.  You can choose what you want to do.  The sessions do build on each other so it’s recommended you watch the preceding wisdom sharing videos before doing your ceremonies and meditations.  You’ll get the most out of them that way.

No problem.  The quickest way to get them answered is via the Magin Rose Facebook page.  You can also comment on this page or email magin@maginrose.com