How did our ancestors find the courage to cross the seas?  To venture into battle spear in hand? The boldest journeys start from a place of inner knowing: felt in the body, ringing in the heart, recognised by the soul. The reading of fate within the stars is found across all ancient cultures. The northern tradition is no exception.

I have spent more than a decade practicing northern tradition astrology and helped hundreds of seekers discover their birth runes and step into powerful partnership with them. 

Beginning your journey

The Bronze Age Trundholm Sun Chariot , National Museum of Denmark

Connect with the power of your personal Sun Rune, the rune that resonates most strongly with your soul ‘essence’ or ‘signature. A perfect way to forge connection with a single rune and begin a practice of runic astrology

Self-navigation for spirited heroes

Sunna's Star Wheel includes your monthly briefing on the movements of the planets and the Magin Rose birth runes self-calculation kit.

Begin your own practice of runic astrology and learn how to calculate and understand your own birth runes. Including free resources, my catalogue of Middle Earth Readings and your 1-year Sunna’s Star Wheel package.

Your Birth Runes Oracle

Discover and connect with your birth runes intellectually, intuitvely and energetically

The Birth Runes Oracle package includes your personal birth runes report, a private debrief and connection session with me, your Sun Rune Awakening package and 3 months free membership of Sunna’s Starwheel. This is my recommended way to begin a deep and magical connection with your birth runes.

Birth Runes: Soul Journey

A programme to last a lifetime
The northern lands are calling to their heroes – will you answer? Your birth runes revealed, self-study modules for each planet, hearth, hall and aspect of runic astrology, plus monthly group coaching from Maggie. This package includes your Birth Runes Oracle and a year’s membership to Sunna’s Starwheel.

Not sure what is for you?  email letting me know what you are looking for and I and my team will do my best to help!