How did our ancestors find the courage to cross the seas?  To venture into battle spear in hand? The reading of fate within the stars is found across all ancient cultures. I have spent more than a decade practicing northern tradition astrology to help  highly sensitive heroes like you  connect with your most powerful destiny.

In this moment, I claim my magic

In the hush, before first breath,
before the first cord is cut
Hear the song of the runes
Played upon the earth and within the stars
Chosen by the Nornir
Woven by the Disir
To defend your heroic soul in this mad, mad world


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 Middle Earth Readings is a free weekly event offering insights into the planetary movements each week and mini-readings for your rune of the week.

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Your birth runes are 14 runes calculated based on the position of the earth, moon and planets at the time of your birth. Together they form a unique song, captured within the threads of the tapestry as you entered the world. They are powerful soul allies, protectors, healers and guides.

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Your birth runes report is a unique report exploring your 14 birth runes, the Halls of the Gods and Hearths of the Disir associated with each rune. It is prepared manually (and with love) so normally takes 1-2 weeks to produce. 

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