If I say reiki, chakras or feng shui are the terms familiar? How about runes, seidr or galdr? So many of us are highly skilled soul-workers, bursting with qualifications but unable to find rich and meaningful connection to the spiritual heritage of pre-Christian Europe. My calling as a spiritual trainer is to serve those called by the earth-drum of the ancient Germanic peoples.

In remembering who we were we reclaim who we are meant to become

We are the story-keepers of the northern lands
We know the call of the wild places
We know the hidden pathways of the ancestors
Our power is in our blood
Our power is upon our tongues
Our power calls to be claimed

Gather round the fire

Join the Hearthspace, an on-line private comunity of   seekers gathering for weekly readings and shared exploration of the northern tradition. Deepen your connection through the inner circle classes: 4 classes each month to tap into wisdom, soul story and energetic connection with the northern tradition. Including rune readings, sacred story telling and meditation & embodiment .

Hearthspace community

Join our ecclectic and inclusive private community for weekly readings, monthly lives and more

Inner Circle membership

On-line magical space offering weekly trainings that you can pick up in your own time or attend as a live class

Awaken to the Runes

An ancient path calls me body and soul.  Whisper of my land, song of my ancestors.  Etched in stone, carved in root and branch, preserved in ice and evolving in fire.  It is held in the runes, calling me home, drawing me on, whispering of a power I will soon know in my bones.

Awaken to the Runes is a 1-year immersion into the magics of the runes including live on-line circles, and a vast bank of self-study resources. 


Free resources

Enjoy my rune pages including magical correspondences and guided journeys with the runes

Yggdrasil's Path

Tread the path of the northern shaman, a journey into wisdom and healing through the nine worlds. This small group on-line programme is designed to weave lasting, soul-level connections offering healing, soul-story and spirit alliances to soul-workers, edge-walkers and destiny-weavers.