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Why Healers need to specialise to thrive

One of the things people will often say after doing my Discover your Magic quiz is ‘I’m a Mystic’ or ‘I’m a Healer’. But that isn’t the whole truth.
We each have access to all 5 of the magical selves; what the quiz does is point to the path you are most active in at the present time. Your active path comes with a whole suite of gifts but it also has a shadow side which can explain why life is hard, or you feel misunderstood, or your magic isn’t supporting you as you know it should.

Celebration and Release with Gebo

Gebo opens us to the secrets of gifting, promises, gratitude and grief. In this week’s Magic in Mind I share a practice for working with this rune of reciprocity and exchange to help us heal and make whole the wheel of the heart.
In Magic in Mind this week I take you through 4 aspects of the Mystic.

Orlog and wyrd: Shapers of the soul

Orlog and wyrd are crucial concepts in the northern tradition, shaping individual and collective destiny. These concepts embody fate, intention, and opportunity, influencing our values and commitments. Symbolized by Norns and the Well of Wyrd, they represent past, present, and future, offering wisdom and guidance. Embracing their fluid nature allows for active shaping of our destinies.