Orlog and wyrd: Shapers of the soul

Orlog and wyrd are crucial concepts in the northern tradition, shaping individual and collective destiny. These concepts embody fate, intention, and opportunity, influencing our values and commitments. Symbolized by Norns and the Well of Wyrd, they represent past, present, and future, offering wisdom and guidance. Embracing their fluid nature allows for active shaping of our destinies.

What you need to know when choosing a rune set

Discover how to choose rune sets, form a deep connection with them and conduct rituals to support their use and care. The article compares runes to tarot cards in terms of the personal bond that forms with use. The post covers various materials for runes such as wood, clay, metal, and stone, each with distinct advantages and energetic properties. Practical advice is given on choosing, using, and making rune sets, with an emphasis on the importance of ethical sourcing. Additionally, the Havamal’s guidance on rune-making underscores the blend of traditional practices and personal touches in crafting rune sets.

The runes you fear and how to work with them

Transformation and personal growth often occur on the edges of comfort, through challenges represented by runes like Thurisaz, Nauthiz, and Hagalaz. These symbols, while daunting, teach powerful lessons about boundaries, inner strength, and self-discovery. Embracing their teachings, especially during difficult periods such as the half-month of Hagalaz, encourages us to embody their power and learn over time. Working with troubling runes entails research, reflection, and integration into daily life, promising profound personal development and understanding of one’s deeper truths and capacities.