15-20% of us are thought to be highly sensitive according to the clinical research psychologist and author Dr Elaine Aron. If you had an upbringing like me you’ll find even the word ‘sensitive’ triggering – it means weak right? Well, no. According to the renowned expert, speaker and author Dr Gabor Maté sensitive people would have been the shamans of old. Healers, seers, counsellors, state advisors, poets, artists, innovators, adventurers, visionaries. 

If the world needs anything right now its deeper healing, greater wisdom and nobler vision. It might not be the easiest time to be born highly sensitive, but it’s certainly a handy coincidence for planet Earth that you chose this time to show up.  The world needs you right now, so what do you need to show up in all your magic?

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I’m pretty bright so realised early on in life that the things I really loved and was really good at (play, imagination, story-telling, knowing what other people were feeling) were not highly valued qualities at school. So I set out to prove I could succeed in the ‘real’ world and it turns out I was pretty good at that too. I just couldn’t give up on the magical little being inside my heart.  Cue life as two separate people.  Me at school, then college, then university (right up to my second Masters degree because you can never prove yourself too much right?) then working in academia.  Me at home: illustrating and writing in esoteric books, training as a tarot reader, a reiki master, a shamanic practitioner.  All the while, ignoring that running these two lives simultaneously was really, really damaging my health. By 30 I had made it to director level at a top university, I looked like I was flying. Underneath the facade I was recovering from full body arthritis, stomach ulcers and a whole host of other chronic illnesses. I was in pain and I was lost.

I burnt out and dropped out. I put on the breaks and committed fully to a healing path. I got better. I founded a business where I got to work with free-spirited, magical people who really, really understood the hidden parts of my being.  Which should have meant I lived happily ever after… Only, my ambitious, make-a-difference, be in the thick of it self wasn’t satisfied with a quiet life. I wanted to do more, be more, give more. So I got back on the wagon without realising that, although I knew how to heal, I didn’t know how to stay healthy in my chosen career. Just past 40 I was burnt out again, two young children, leading a department of over 100, totally broken.

That was when I put the breaks on my career for a second time. I embarked on a journey of discovery putting all my intellectual and intuitive gifts into the ring. I worked with exceptional leaders and professionals to find a new way. I met and trained with specialists in leadership, energy management, communications and influencing. That’s when I realised, finally, that I wasn’t the problem. I, with all my sensitive gifts, was a key part of the solution. I have re-claimed my health, re-shaped my everyday existence and re-created my career. Best of all, I get to be unapologetically, deliciously me, every single day.

I now work as a coach and trainer helping sensitive and ambitious leaders live their fullest lives. If my story resonates with you, or you know someone who is soaring on the outside and scorched on the inside, my free and private membership group supporting sensitive leadership is open for new members.

Coaching and mentoring for highly sensitive heroes

 Highly sensitive people share traits including empathy, great people-reading skills, energetic awareness, access to powerful inner worlds (yes, you can call them otherworlds too), strong physical and emotional reactions to  pollutants and toxic environments, intolerance to injustice and harmful behaviours, frequent experience of overwhelm and illness, an unshakeable desire to make a difference and frequent feelings of being different or not belonging.

In 2019 I set out on a journey to understand why, with a highly successful career behind me, I still felt inadequate as a leader. What I discovered changed my life. I finally understood: the world that is so hard for highly sensitive people to exist in is also the one that desperately needs our gifts. 

I now help highly sensitive people thrive in this world and become the leaders – personal, local and global – our planet needs. 

When you work with me on one of my coaching programmes I will take you through the following 6 steps:

  1. Tuning in to your body compass
  2. Shaping cycles that ignite your energy
  3. Extending your edges beyond the horizon of what currently seems possible 
  4. Treasure hunting for your true gifts
  5. Turning your visions and intentions into powerful, sustainable actions
  6.  Creating your community of belonging and support

Questions? Good. As a highly sensitive person you have an in-built ‘pause’ button because you think and feel so deeply; processing time is needed (you may have been conditioned to turn it off – that’s why step 1 is so important). Fill in the form below to ask your questions.  You can also book a North Star session to experience working with me for one powerful session.  

If you tune in to you body compass and it is tingling right now that’s a good sign we are meant to work together.  Fill in the form below and enquire about availability on my coaching and mentoring programme.

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 In a world where the recipe for success is destroying our planet and dulling our humanity we need highly sensitive leaders more than ever. So if you would like some highly sensitive support for your highly sensitive self you are in the right place.  Let’s connect.