15-20% of us are thought to be highly sensitive according to the clinical research psychologist and author Dr Elaine Aron. If you had an upbringing like me you’ll find even the word ‘sensitive’ triggering – it means weak right? Well, no. According to Dr Gabor Maté sensitive people would have been the shamans of old. Healers, seers, counsellors, state advisors, poets, artists, innovators, adventurers, visionaries. 

If the world needs anything right now its deeper healing, greater wisdom and nobler vision. It might not be the easiest time to be born highly sensitive, but it’s certainly a handy coincidence for planet Earth that you chose this time to show up.  If the world needs you right now, then what do you need?

Coaching and resources for highly sensitive souls

 Highly sensitive people share traits including empathy, great people-reading skills, energetic awareness, access to powerful inner worlds (yes, you can call them otherworlds too), strong physical and emotional reactions to  pollutants and toxic environments, intolerance to injustice and harmful behaviours, frequent experience of overwhelm and illness, an unshakeable desire to make a difference and frequent feelings of being different or not belonging.

In 2019 I set out on a journey to understand why, with a highly successful career behind me, I still felt inadequate as a leader. What I discovered changed my life. I finally understood: the world that is so hard for highly sensitive people to exist in is also the one that desperately needs our gifts. 

I now help highly sensitive people thrive in this world and become the leaders – personal, local and global – our planet needs. 

Care for your soul is the process of tending your highly atuned gifts and pursuing the soul-purpose they reveal to you with ease and integrity. 

To enquire about an extended programme of personalised coaching supporting you in stepping into your true, highly sensitive, power email talk@maginrose.com

My 60-minute North Star sessions can also be booked directly and offer focused support around a specific issue or challenge.  Again, these are tailored to the needs you will identify ahead of our time together. All North Star sessions are online.