A woven song, a soul journey, a starlit path. Our ancestors believed they were fated; they followed the stars both to cross the seas of the earth and to find the destiny of the soul.     

Discover the beauty, power and wisdom of your birth runes.  A system of personal discovery and transformational potential lovingly researched and reimagined for the modern heroes of today.  The healers, visionaries and magic makers who hear the call of the northern lands, legends and lore. 

These 3 powerful sessions take you on a journey from discovery of your birth runes to deep, intimate and powerful connection.  You can book all 3 or begin with our Birth Runes Reading and integration session.  Please note that the Hero Makers and Soul Singers sessions do include activities for you to work through before and after your session.

You will need to know your birth runes to participate in these sessions.  We include the full Magin Rose birth runes report in our combined package.  Alternatively you can purchase your report from our shop. Hearthspace members can use our detailed guide to calculate their birth runes  (note this does not include the Hearths and Halls of the Gods)  .

Contact maggie@maginrose.com if you a have any questions. 

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