Birth runes integration session booking

Thank you for booking your birth runes integration session, I am really looking forward to working with you!  Below is the key information for your appointment.  Please read through all sections and make sure you have a copy of your birth runes ahead of our session (see ‘Birth runes calculations’).

Before your appointment

I want you to get maximum value from our time together.  There are two contact forms provided below for your to complete ahead of our first session.  One is to help me prepare for your session/s and the other is to ensure we both know what your birth runes are.

Preparing for the session

Please fill out the form below to help me plan our sessions/s.  The last question asks about a particular area of focus; you can leave this blank but it is helpful for me to know if there is a particular area on your mind at the moment (e.g. vocation, relationships, spiritual path).

Birth runes calculations

Please make sure that you have your birth runes calculations with you for the appointment.  If you haven’t had them done before this is included as part of your first appointment.  Please complete the form below so we can get this prepared for you ahead of the appointment (please ensure you submit this request at least 1 week ahead of your first session).

How is my data used and stored?

Please see the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions linked to at the bottom of the page.

Cancellations/ re-scheduling

You can reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours in advance.  After this point it is not possible to reschedule and you will be charged.

What do I do if I want to book another appointment?

You can book as many birth runes integration sessions as you like from the bookings page.      If you’re not sure whether you need a single appointment or a bundle you can ask at the end of your first appointment or email email