deep dive

Book your 1-2-1 birth runes deep dive session here.  Your session facilitates exploration and insight into the unique combination of your birth runes: the runes resonating with the earth and planets in our solar system at the exact time of your birth.


In ancient times seers combined their spiritual, emotional and intellectual intelligence to support the people they served. Through your session Maggie will draw on her many years of experience working with clients on their birth runes with her skills as a seeress and certified coach.

Your birth runes support you in your heroic journey: drawing on your deepest wisdom, following your own unique destiny and stepping into greater wholeness and empowerment in your life.

For those of you wanting to work with the gods of the northern tradition the session also supports you in identifying the patrons and divine advisors your birth runes connect you to most strongly.

You must already have a copy of your full birth runes report before the session. This is not provided as part of the session.

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