When the veils between the worlds grow thin ancestral connections are re-forged, lost powers are reclaimed and the soul awakens to its wisdom. 

Take a journey beyond the veils to reconnect with your power through archetypal story, blessing rituals, energy restoration, wild voice writing and curation of your own circle of Elders. 
At Beltaine our ancestors sought the blessings of fertility and celebrated sacred union. It was a time when the veils between the worlds were thin and magics passed freely between the lands of the seen and the unseen, the living and the dead. It is a time when rites of passage missing in our own childhoods can be completed and power lost to us can be recovered. 

Magin Rose is delighted to invite you to  the Beyond the Veils virtual retreat offering three powerful ceremonies opening to missed initiations, rites of passage and connection with our ancestors and past selves. It is an on-line retreat taking place across 3 live sessions. Your retreat includes gentle home play exercises to deepen and connect between sessions and access to all session recordings and resources for a full year.

Your retreat is facilitated by Maggie Rose Cunningham and guided by the Northern European deities Idun, Bragi and Frigg.

The Beyond the Veils retreat is suitable for beginners seeking spiritual wisdom and healing as well as experienced practitioners looking for authentic connection with the magics and beliefs of our northern European ancestors. 

*Current members of Awaken to the Runes, Mastery and Hearthspace Circle (annual membership only) are eligible for a discount – watch your email for your discount code!)*

Monday 24th APril 2023 8-9:30pm London time:

The white veil of knowing draws back as the child self prepares to enter maturity. It is tended by our initiators and guides who, all too often, come later in life (if at all) in a world where Elderhood is rare and seldom prepared for. Our first ceremony opens us to archetypal stories of initiation and opens the gates to supportive spiritual community.

Our first ceremony opens us to archetypal stories of initiation and prepares the way for supportive spiritual community.

Monday 1st May 2023 8-9:30pm London time:

The red veil draws back to reveal the value of our own life experiences and the untapped wisdom held in mind, body and spirit. It is the remembering of who we are as we see ourselves through the eyes of our ancestors.  

In this second ceremony we will walk with the ancestors and access our own deep wisdom through a Wild Voice ™ writing experience. 

Monday 8th May 8-9:30pm London time:

The black veil draws back to reveal the untapped roots of our power. Reaching back through time and beyond story to receive the parts of us that have rested so long in darkness. Big dreams need deep roots.

This third and final ceremony offers a space of reconnection through the practice of past life rooting and compassionate reintegration.

~ Ancient wisdom for an inspired future. ~

Beyond the Veils: Monday 24th April, 1st and 8th May at 20:00-21:30 London time. Hosted on Zoom.

Hear from previous participants

Maggie has a magical and lyrical way of guiding one down a path of permission and exploration. Her style is both gentle and intriguing, capturing one's imagination for a long and richly rewarding ride and her tools are vast. She is thoroughly of this world of the Northern Mysteries and it's as if the gods are there with you and her, guiding and telling their story and the nature/reality of this remarkable world of being, welcoming in one and all. It is a gift of true love. Any Magin Rose retreat would be well worth the effort and money involved. The effort she puts into her work and into this realm is almost priceless and cannot be found anywhere else. I truly treasure these times and this work.
Vision Quest
The retreats have provided me with a wellspring of experience I can call upon when entertaining growth or change. The retreat has provided my psyche an expanded consciousness which feels like and is fertile soil to plant seeds in.
Vision Quest
If you are looking for a safe, transformational space in which to learn, open yourself up to magick, runes and the Gods this is the place! As a solitary practitioner it has given me the feeling of almost being in a coven space whilst remaining in my own energetic space - words cannot express how truly magickal these retreats are 🙂
Maggie was wonderful. They way she holds the space - professional & personal at the same time. It's like being transported back & receiving the wisdom of a seer - She is definitely the modern day equivalent & it was an honour to be there! It was like coming home
Winter Nights


  • What if I can’t attend one or more of the events in person?  Your ticket includes access to the recordings for 1 year. It is recommended that you catch up with recordings if you miss one ceremony and want to attend the next in person.
  • Is personal support available?  Yes. Participants joining the Dreamwheel for a full cycle have a VIP option which includes private sessions in between each retreat to maximise the potency of your journey.