Awakening re-visited

This year is an opportunity for you to go deeper with your runes, branch into areas less well explored in your first Awakening journey and hone your skill and mastery in particular areas of practice.  This page is designed to help you navigate the material from a ‘mastery’ perspective; this will be supported through the inspiration sessions and in-person classes.

Awakening modules

Through the year we will be re-visiting the runes through the half months and you will also have the inspiration content to support a deepening of your relationship with the rune.  If you followed the Galdrbok template you’ve already got a rich source of material to check in with for your rune practice; as we move through each rune have a look through the things that you noted as ‘interesting’ or ‘want to try out’.

In addition to looking at your previous materials here are some questions to encourage reflection:

  •  What was my experience with this rune during Awakening?
  • What personal connections does this rune hold for me? (e.g. life experience, birth runes, guidance or healing you have received from it before)
  • Which aspects of this rune resonate with me most strongly?
  • Which aspects of this rune are hidden or more difficult for me to connect with?
  • Is this rune trying to tell me anything right now?
  • What work could I do to deepen my connection with the rune?
  • What work am I going to do with this rune and when? (Remember you can post in the Forum with shares, questions and intentions or use the symbel to support you)

Pathways of practice

8 of our Wisdom Working Circles will be structured around four pathways of practice: Seer, Healer, Magician and Mystic.  We aren’t covering the Sage separately as your Awakening journey and growing Galdrbok support this pathway.  The modules in italics below are the core modules associated with the pathway; others are provided as suggestions for what you may want to revisit.