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The Awakening Mastery journey is designed to deepen the connection you’ve made with the runes, increase your understanding and confidence with the pathways of practice and provide support for you to move into ‘mastery’ through undertaking a personal project with the runes through the course of the year.  

Below you will find an information video, the programme schedule (downloadable PDF) and links to join.  

Mastery is a year of working with the runes by tapping into collective wisdom (your cohort, spirit guidance, extended reading and sources) and pursuing your sovereign path (your own ways of working and embedding rune practice into your life). Through the journey you will find: 

  • Inspiration and support for your exploration of different aspects of rune practice 
  • Connection to a wonderful group of Awaken alumni who are, like you, seeking to embed their practice and relationship with the runes
  • Resources and accountability to develop a ‘personal project’ with the runes (which may be a ‘thing’ or a process of deepening and personal transformation)
  • Deeper exploration of the three rune families (Aettir) and connections between the runes 

If you’re thinking about joining but aren’t sure if you’re ready or if it’s for you do get in touch by emailing

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Dates and pricing

The programme is £650 which you can pay in full or via installment

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