Runes are ancient keys to inner and outer transformation. The  foundation stones of the spiritual heritage of northern Europe and well springs of wisdom and magic.  So many of us crave authentic and powerful spiritual connection to our Earth, our ancestors and ourselves.   To this day the runes remain embedded in the Germanic languages (inc. English, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic).  It is in our gift to reclaim them for a modern age where spiritual wisdom and soulful purpose have never been more relevant to our ability to survive and thrive.    

 Awakening to the Runes is an experiential journey into the mysteries of the Elder Futhark (the most ancient rune ‘alphabet’).  Delivered to you through 49 multi-media modules and 12 on-line group sessions the programme is designed to support you not just in learning how to use the runes, but in actively working with them to bring about positive change in your world.  Connect with them through the ancient sources, story, song and energy channelling.  Build your understanding and skill in their uses for seership, healing, magic and transformational mysticism.   

  • A sound knowledge base for each rune in the Elder Futhark and experience working with their shapes, sounds, meanings, and energies 
  • Experience of using the runes for personal transformation, seership (rune readings, casting and intuitive work), healing and intentional magic
  • Experience in combining your rune work with earth magics (crystals, plant lore, northern elements), spirit guides (power animals, deities), northern soul lore, the wheel of the year and in journeying practice  
  • Clarity about the different pathways of rune practice
  • Ability to assess the authenticity and veracity of material about the runes for yourself 
  • Membership of a community of learners sharing  the journey alongside you

49 on-line modules:  video and audio resources which are yours to keep including story, song and practical demonstrations PLUS printable resources and integration exercises.  As well as your preparatory module you will get:  

  • 24 ‘awakening sessions’ for each rune in the Elder Futhark including how the rune meanings have developed from the traditional runes poems, a rune power song, the rune in story, channelling the rune through your body and integration activities.
  • 24 practical modules including work with voice, body, magical correspondences, energy raising and magic, seership technique, spirit guides and more (see timetable for full module list)    

12 Wisdom Working Circles:  hosted via Zoom these sessions integrate learning by applying rune wisdom and magics to the intentions you’re setting for yourself and your world.  Recordings available if you miss a session.  View timetable.

Private group forum: A place to share your learning, questions and experiences, make connections with others on the journey and celebrate your achievements as you go.  

Prizes!  We’re human after all – who doesn’t like a little reward for their hard work?

Awakening to the Runes is led by Maggie Cunningham a practitioner with 25 years experience in northern tradition work and multiple forms of spiritual, healing and magical practice.  In developing and delivering your programme Maggie draws on her experience as a senior leader in two world-leading universities plus  10 years teaching northern tradition practices.  Her qualifications include two Masters Degrees, a range of healing and shamanic programmes and coaching certification. 


Your teaching style was excellent. You allow for enough time for people to go off on tangents, but you keep it to time and hold the space really well. Your calm and gentle delivery coupled with your obvious authority in the subject matter works particularly well as a teaching style and I also appreciated the humour and (slight) irreverence you bring as well! ~ Emily Ounstead, UK

You have a deceptive ease which gives a sense of your experience and I was able to trust you quickly. I found you provided a warm and holding space that gave me nurturing and rest. This brought it’s own depth which allowed two important new images to emerge, which I am still working with and gaining benefit from ~ Tim Frost, UK

 I would advise anyone to work with her who is stuck in a rut whether physically, emotionally or spiritually and needs a helping hand to get back on their feet again. I have worked with many therapists in the past and Maggie is truly amazing – a leader in her field, and I cannot thank her enough for all she has given me. ~ Sorrell Robbins, UK


Dates for the next cohort are to be confirmed (one more 2020 cohort is planned).   Please send me an email if you would like to be added to the waiting list – I will send you information about dates and opportunities to take part in the free introductory sessions ahead of the main programme. You can view the June 2020 cohort full timetable here to get a flavour of the programme.

Cost:  TBC

I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee from the day you book onto the programme.  Resources are available for personal download but remain the copyright of Magin Rose.  Those completing the programme or purchasing it as a single payment will have lifetime* access to all resources except recorded Wisdom Working Circles where access is temporary to protect the privacy of circle participants.  If you are paying by instalments and cancel your subscription you will no longer have access to the programme pages.

Access to the Forum and Wisdom Working Circles is governed by our community code.  In very exceptional circumstances membership of these two groups might be withdrawn if the code is breached.  This would not affect your ability to complete the programme modules. 

*Lifetime access would only be limited should Magin Rose cease trading (in which case you will be informed in advance so you can download any resources you want to keep). 

IMaggie talks about the programme


Awakening to the Runes will run once more in 2020.  Dates are to be confirmed.  Please send me an email if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.  I will then send you information about the next programme dates and timings for the free introductory sessions I run prior to the programme.