I am called in my soul and in my body to an ancient path.  It is the whisper of my land and the song of my ancestors.  It is etched in stone, carved in root and branch, preserved in ice and evolving in fire.  It is held in the runes, calling me home, drawing me on, whispering of a power I will soon know in my bones.  

There are so many rich and beautiful spiritual pathways available to us today in the modern world.  Yet the one that birthed the very words this page is written in is inaccessible and strange to so many of us.  Let’s fix that.

Connect with the runes through ancient sources, story, song and energy channelling.  Build your understanding and skill in their uses for seership, healing, magic and transformational mysticism.  

Awakening to the Runes is an experiential journey into the mysteries of the Elder Futhark (the most ancient rune ‘alphabet’).  Delivered to you through a full year via 49 multi-media modules and 12 on-line group sessions the programme is designed to support you not just in learning how to use the runes, but in actively working with them to bring about positive change in your world.   

Runes are ancient keys to inner and outer transformation. The  foundation stones of the spiritual heritage of northern Europe and well springs of wisdom and magic.  So many of us crave authentic and powerful spiritual connection to our Earth, our ancestors and ourselves.   To this day the runes remain embedded in the Germanic languages (inc. English, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic).  It is in our gift to reclaim them for a modern age where spiritual wisdom and soulful purpose have never been more relevant to our ability to survive and thrive.    

~ Maggie Rose Cunningham

Maggie’s knowledge is deep and well-researched. She is an expert on so many subjects and she manages to expertly bring everything together in a clear and compelling way. My personal favorite is the story telling. I believe that in these difficult and lonely times we need comfort and solace. I have found both sitting down with a nice cup of tea and listening to the tales. It is years since I listened to stories and I have realized what an amazing and ancient tradition it is. It has been such an honour to take part in this course and I am so glad that I still have months left of learning and growing within this marvellous group.
Bonnie Methven

This programme is an intensive year-long journey.  Your investment includes lifetime access to all materials* and support to help you determine the focus of your practice.  It also provides the foundation for more advanced work in northern tradition magical, seership and healing practices. 

Maggie talks about the programme

Many years ago I put out a wish that I wanted to study the runes in such a way to really know them, not just intellectually, but in my bones. This course is making that wish a reality that grows more vivid with each module. I highly recommend this rune journey. 


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