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An ancient path calls me body and soul.  Whisper of my land, song of my ancestors.  Etched in stone, carved in root and branch, preserved in ice and evolving in fire.  It is held in the runes, calling me home, drawing me on, whispering of a power I will soon know in my bones.

Upskill in your spiritual life and magical business… 

Take up the  magical tools of the northern European ancestors through this 1-year certified programme:


  1. Receive initiation and atunement to the energies of the 24 Elder Futhark runes
  2. Develop core skills as a rune healer, seer, magician and mystic
  3. Discover the spiritual language already written in your bones

Awaken is an on-line programme delivered through monthly real-time circles and 48 modules packed with teaching, meditations, oracular story and practical tools. Certification is available on 4 practitioner pathways (see below).

Doors for the 2023-24 programme are now open. The programme starts on 26th June. Last entry is midnight (London time) on 25th June. 

Connect with the runes through ancient sources, story, song and energy channelling.  Build your understanding and skill in their uses for seership, healing, magic and personal transformation.  

Awaken to the Runes is an experiential journey into the mysteries of the Elder Futhark (the most ancient rune ‘alphabet’).  Journey through the course of a full year, meet each rune in the Elder Futhark and work with ancient and modern rune practices.  Awaken is delievered on line and includes self-study content and in-person monthly circles. 

Awaken to the Runes

An on-line programme connecting you intellectually, intuitively, physically and energetically to the power and wisdom of the runes. Deadline to join is 25th June 2023.

Many years ago I put out a wish that I wanted to study the runes in such a way to really know them, not just intellectually, but in my bones. This course is making that wish a reality that grows more vivid with each module. I highly recommend this rune journey. 
Awakening particpant 2020

For those who feel the calling of the lands, myths and magics of nothern Europe (whether through ancestry, heritage or interest) in-depth teachings about  the chakras, reiki or the Zodiac are frustratingly easier to find than than teachings abotu the runes, seidr, galdr and the mysteries of Yggdrasil. Awaken was created in response to this absence of support for those called to the spiritual pathways of the north. It is an immersive year of group circles and multi-media modules  bringing you the runes as they would have been taught: orally, person-to-person and through multiple means of connection. The programme supports you not just in deeply knowing your runes but in actively working with them on a daily basis.   

Runes are ancient keys to inner and outer transformation. The  foundation stones of the spiritual heritage of northern Europe and well springs of wisdom and magic.  So many of us crave authentic and powerful spiritual connection to our Earth, our ancestors and ourselves.   To this day the runes remain embedded in the Germanic languages (inc. English, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic).  It is in our gift to reclaim them for a modern age where spiritual wisdom and soulful purpose have never been more relevant to our ability to survive and thrive.    

~ Maggie Rose Cunningham, Founder of Magin Rose and creatrix of Awaken

I am absolutely loving every bit of the program, I have to say the power songs are EVERYTHING for me, I am very vocal, I love singing, and mantras, and really help me integrate the rune energy, Thanks so much for all the work and dedication you have put in this program. I am very happy I waited for the RIGHT program for me, and I am happy I didn't hesitated when I found it.
Aliz Aliya
Awakening particpant 2021

About the programme

Through the programme you will gain: 

  • Deep connection with each rune in the Elder Futhark and experience working with their shapes, sounds, meanings, and energies 
  • Experience of using the runes for personal transformation, seership (rune readings, casting and intuitive work), healing and intentional magic
  • Experience in combining your rune work with earth magics (crystals, plant lore, northern elements), spirit guides (power animals, deities), northern soul lore, the wheel of the year and in journeying practice  
  • Knowledge of the different pathways of rune practice and which ones are calling YOU
  • Ability to assess the authenticity and veracity of material about the runes for yourself 
  • Membership of a community of learners sharing  the journey alongside you
Maggie’s knowledge is deep and well-researched. She is an expert on so many subjects and she manages to expertly bring everything together in a clear and compelling way. My personal favorite is the story telling. ... It is years since I listened to stories and I have realized what an amazing and ancient tradition it is. It has been such an honour to take part in this course and I am so glad that I still have months left of learning and growing within this marvellous group.
Bonnie Methven

Your programme includes:

49 on-line modules:  video and audio resources which are yours to keep including story, song and practical demonstrations PLUS printable resources and integration exercises.  As well as your preparatory module you will get:  

  • 24 ‘awakening sessions’ for each rune in the Elder Futhark including how the rune meanings have developed from the traditional runes poems, a rune power song, the rune in story, channelling the rune through your body and integration activities.
  • 24 practical modules including work with voice, body, magical correspondences, energy raising and magic, seership technique, spirit guides and more

12 Wisdom Working Circles:  hosted via Zoom these sessions integrate learning by applying rune wisdom and magics to the intentions you’re setting for yourself and your world.  Recordings available if you miss a session.  

Private group forum: A place to share your learning, questions and experiences, make connections with others on the journey and celebrate your achievements as you go.  

The amount of content that you have developed is astonishing and the structure of the course is fantastic. I'm probably saying this as much as a publisher as a participant. I'm really enjoying it anyway and realise that when I said I was a newbie to the runes, that was an understatement.
Matthew Coxhill
Awakening particpant 2022


Awaken develops your skills in 5 areas: the sage (your foundational knowledge), the seer (using the runes for oracle and divination), the healer (using the runes for self-healing), the magician (bringing about change and transformation in your life) and the mystic (working with the runes as energetic gateways for personal discovery and transformation). Participants can choose to submit assessments for one ore more of the final 4 pathways to receive their programme certification. 

Awaken is the foundation for advanced work in northern shamanism, the Magin Rose Mastery programme,  becoming a birth runes practitioner and/or runic astrologer, and offering rune healing for others. 

Your trainer

Awaken to the Runes is led by Maggie Rose Cunningham the Founder and CEO of Magin Rose. She is a practitioner with 25 years experience in northern tradition work and multiple forms of spiritual, healing and magical practice.  In developing and delivering your programme Maggie draws on her experience as a seer, priestess, healer and  shamanic practitioner. She is a certified coach, trainer and Wild Voice Facilitator (TM) with two Masters degrees and 20 year career in research and education behind her. 

Maggie Rose Cunningham is my magical door opener. Her talents not only extend to the esoteric, but her genuine warmth and acceptance is embraced and celebrated.
Live workshop participant

Your programme investment

Awaken to the Runes is £650 for your full year of tuition and lifetime access* to your programme materials. All participants who pay in full will receive a 50-minute 1:1 rune reading and mentoring session with Maggie. 

An installment plan of £200 followed by 12 monthly instalments of £37.50 is also available. 

*Subject to Magin Rose staying in business (which we intend to!) and excluding recordings of Wisdom Working Circles which are taken down 3 months after the programme closes.

I want to thank you so much for all your work you have done to create such amazing community and an overflowing collection of resources to expand runic knowledge.
Deni Tobin
Awakening particpant 2021-22

Awaken to the Runes

An on-line programme connecting you intellectually, intuitively, physically and energetically to the power and wisdom of the runes. Deadline to join is 25th June 2023.

Maggie talks about the programme



The Elder Futhark is the most ancient of the rune alphabets.  It is the magical origins of speech and communication in northern Europe – the key to northern consciousness.  The runes can be used for seership, magic, healing and mysticism.