Awaken to the Runes – practitioner certification

As part of Awaken you can choose to take a course on any of 4 practitioner pathways: Seer, Healer, Magician and Mystic. There is no certification for Sage because your sage knowledge is the foundation of all the other patheways.

Each course is designed to help you apply, integrate and embed what you have learned on Awaken. They are great ways to bring focus and support your development. The assessments are designed to be fun rather than arduous so I hope you enjoy doing them! I’ve done a little guided tour video for you at the end of the page. 

You can do each assessment in your own time. And yes, you will get a lovely printable certificate when you complete each one.

Each course lays out at the beginning the modules and Wisdom Working Circles you will need to have completed before you begin. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t read through the full course to check what you need to do before doing/re-doing the relevant modules. 

Prerequisite certifications

Your Awaken  assessments are Level 1 practitioner certifications. The Healer certification is a prerequisite for anyone wanting to gain their Level 2 certified Rune Healer status and licensing through Magin Rose. 

If you are wanting to do Yggdrasil’s Path (my shamanic training programme) you are also encouraged to do the Pathway of the Healer and Pathway of the Mystic assessments.  

How does it work?

  1. Click on the link below for the path you want to do.
  2. You can look through the ‘overview’ of the course to see what you need to do to submit your assessment. 
  3. The assessments are divided into lessons and quizzes. For lessons, click on ‘contine’ in the green bar at the top to tick off when you have completed the lesson. For quizzes, click ‘submit’ when you are ready to submit (your draft answers will be saved until you are ready to submit). 
  4. Once you have completed your submission you will see the status changes to 100%.
  5. Once you have completed you will see your certificate in the ‘overview’ window – you can download it and print it out.