Awaken to the Runes 23-24


This is your programme hub page for Awaken to the Runes 

On this page you will find your orientation and preparation resources, your Awakening and Practical modules as they open through the year and links to other resources and support.

Orientation and videos

Practical information and wisdom working circle videos

Preparation module

Your Galdrbok, personal pathway and more

Fehu rune on red wood

Awakening Sessions

Awakening sessions for each rune in the Elder Futhark. See 'Dates for your diary' for opening dates.*

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Pathways of Practice

24 training sessions supporting you in developing a powerful rune practice. See 'Dates for your diary' for opening dates. *

Awaken private FB group

Awaken Zoom room

Dates for your diary


Certification checklist

Primary resources

Each module contains a reference section at the bottom of the page.  The texts below are those relied upon most heavily through the programme.  Make sure you’ve listened to ‘Smiths of the Kenning Hoard aka Assessing your sources’ available in the preparation module.

  • Aswynn, Freya (2007) Power and Principles of the Runes (second edition), Thoth Publications
  • Fries, Jan (1993) Helrunar Mandrake
  • Gerrard, Katie (2001) Odin’s Gateways: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom of the Runes, Through Galdr, Sigils and Casting Avalonia
  • Gundarsson, Kvedulf (2007) Teutonic Magic, Thoth Publications
  • Larrington, Carolyne (trans.) (1996) The Poetic Edda Oxford University Press
  • Pollington, Stephen, (2008) Rudiments of Runelore Anglo-Saxon Books
  • Plowright, Sweyn (2006) The Rune Primer: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Runes Rune-Net
  • Thorsson (1984) A Handbook of Rune Magic, Weiser Books
  • Thorsson, Edred (1987) Runelore Samuel Weiser