Awaken to the Runes 22-23


This is the home page for your Awaken to the Runes programme

Our private group, preparation modules and other resource sections will appear here through June – I will email you about them so don’t worry! In the meantime here are all the key dates for your diary and information about your Hearthspace membership which we get set up for you within a couple of days of your joining Awaken.

Dates for your diary


Many of you are already members of the Hearthspace Facebook group, our free private community where Middle Earth Readings is hosted each week. For the duration of Awakening you also get inner circle membership to all our live classes, library of classes and extra resources. 

Hearthspace Facebook group

This membership is a gift to all Awakeners.  For some people it is too much on top of Awakening while for others the wider community and exposure to other aspects of the northern tradition are a valuable addition to the programme.  Enjoy what you want and leave the rest 🙂

Hearthspace Inner circle

A place where ancient teachings form the roots of living, evolving and fulfilling daily practices and cyclical rituals.

Earth-centred, wisdom-focused, sacred play lives here.