Gods for a new age: Vali

Beneath a willow, the god Vali contemplates his existence of contradiction. Born to enact retribution, he quickly transitions from innocence to an instrument of death. Vali’s realm offers solace to souls robbed of life’s joys, emphasizing themes of healing and rebirth. He represents unconventional paths, self-forgiveness, and the pursuit of one’s dreams, with a rumored, though unverified, connection to Valentine’s Day.

Ever noticed we’re told to ‘stand in our power’ not ‘think in our power’?

As I cast my mind back to my working life where, after years of adopting every organisational strategy I could lay my hands on, I broke not from the pressure of leading but the pressure of the day-to-day admin. When I cast my mind back to then, and contrast it with now, I realise that two things have changed for me – and both are about claiming the real power of the Sage.