Ever had to split yourself in two because getting on in one world means pretending the other doesn’t exist? 

Ever noticed how, as children, sensitivity and imagination are something to ‘grow out of’ only, in the grown-up world it’s all too obvious that intuition, vision, empathy, creativity and wisdom are the very things we need most in our leaders.

Your magic is a skill-set.  If you were brought up in a western culture it probably wasn’t treated as such  – you were probably taught not to use it.

If, like me, you were lucky enough to get hold of the right books, find the right teachers and, every now and then, a friend who saw the world just like you. Then you are one of the lucky ones. Even so. It took all my shape-shifting abilities to fit in where I knew I didn’t. All my sensitivity to figure out what not to say. 

I bet you have done great things in your life. And all that, with your light dimmed. Imagine what would be possible if it wasn’t.

Invitation to join Amplify your Magic

Amplify your Magic is my soul medicine programme for magical people walking in a world that doesn’t recognise or value the natural leadership skills they already possess in abundance. Skills you may have been taught to actively suppress in order to fit in. Whether you are the CEO of your own magical business or a spirit-led, service-focused leader Amplify will help you give more, receive more.

*pay your tuition in full and join Maggie for a private Ignite your Magic session 

When did you first know you had magic? The first time you sat next to someone and literally felt their pain? That time you just knew something would happen and then it did? That moment you wanted something with your whole being and somehow your ridiculous, ambitious, wonderful wish came true? The realisation that, when the world got too much, you could step out into nature and somehow all the problems got smaller and you felt whole again?
Perhaps you told someone and they explained it wasn’t magic at all but rather over-sensitivity, coincidence or positive thinking. Maybe it was – but maybe it wasn’t.
When our experiences are dismissed and diminished the natural response is to doubt them, hide them and maybe even fear them. Tell me, what would be possible for you if you knew exactly how to harness your intuitive abilities, creative potency, visionary capacity, healing potential and influencing power?
I discovered how my Sage self tastes life with all my senses alive and I safely explored the parts of my Sage that have been repressed or hidden, and the over developed part as well. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this work and I am both humbled and empowered to continue
Reclaim your Magic: The Sage retreat

Amplify your Magic

An on-line programme unlocking the next level potential of your seer, sage, mystic, magician and healer self. 

  • 5 Reclaim your Magic on-line retreats supporting powerful reconnection to the magical self as seer, sage, mystic, magician and healer PLUS small group pre-retreat circles to support and integrate your experience
  • The Activate your Magic 6-month immersion programme
  • Exclusive membership to The Cauldron private group to connect, share and learn in community
I feel deeply, so much so that I don't know why I'm crying, but know it's from meeting a familiar part of me that is connected to every being, every realm.
Reclaim your Magic: The Seer retreat

About the programme

Change-maker, manifestor, alchemist, sovereign. If you want to change the world these are essential skills BUT the magician is the most under-represented of the magical types in the wonderful, eclectic, idealistic and spiritual communities I work with. This retreat supports you in stepping more fully into the part of your power that will help you shape the world the way you want to leave it for the next generation.

Exquisitely attuned, energetically connected, fiercely committed, unendingly compassionate. Healers are the most represented group in the magical and spiritual communities I work in – but they are also the type most likely to reach out to me from across all works of life because of burn-out. Healers see problems and find solutions so they are incredibly valued by the organisations they work with and the clients they see. BUT, they are not always fairly rewarded for their work. The first step in being recognised for your gifts is knowing their value at a deep, unshakeable soul-level.   

Edge-finder, visionary,  true-believer, spirit-quester. The mystic is the part of you that voyages out, needing solitude and connection with nature to make sense of the every-shifting world. Deeply connected to the future mystics are essential to our understanding of possibility beyond what is currently available to us. There is no leader, no innovator and no artist that has not walked the path of the mystic. This retreat supports you in stepping more fully into the part of you that sustains connection to the unseen and the possible.

Follow your instinct. Trust your body. Believe in yourself. Go with your intuition. How many times have you been told that? Only, you’ve been taught for years to do the exact opposite: control your body, do as you’re told, what you think you’re experiencing isn’t real, the only knowledge worth having is what you are taught.

In a world that denies its magic it’s easy to diminish or even suppress the gifts of the Seer. To devalue the part of us connected to the unseen but also to body instinct, subconscious knowing and powerful intuition.

The Sage 
This is no stooped professor pouring over dry and dusty books. The Sage tastes life and curates meaning through: working the the landscape of memory; acquiring and testing knowledge; shaping meaning through expression; tending to the rituals of life. Without the Sage we are at the mercy of the names and beliefs we are given about who we are and the way the world works.
If you love learning but hate the way you were educated then this retreat is definitely for you.

Reclaim your Magic retreats and magic circles

Amplify includes attendance at 5 on-line retreats together with pre and post Magic Circle events supporting powerful intention setting and integration.   

All my work is threaded with northern tradition mythology, story and spirit guidance. Your training is supported through powerful processes including Wild Voice writing (TM), shamanic power retreival, embodiment practices.

Retreats are normally on a Tuesday 10:30-2:30 UK time and are recorded for participants who cannot attend in person. Preparatory Magic Circles currently take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Post event embodiment sessions take place on a Friday 8:30-10pm UK time and are not recorded. 

Activate your Magic, self-paced, in-depth trainings for your magical skill-set

Developing your magical skill-set through explorations and exercises designed to build your knowledge and confidence in using your sage, seer, mystic, magician and healer skills in private and out there in the world.

Activate is yours to keep so you can visit it as often as you like. Your video and audio trainings, meditations, practices and tools nourish each facet of your magical self and harmonise with your retreats


Not sure which is your strongest magic?…

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Your trainer

Amplify your Magic is led by Maggie Rose Cunningham the Founder and CEO of Magin Rose. She is a practitioner with 25 years experience in northern tradition work and multiple forms of spiritual, healing and magical practice.  In developing and delivering your programme Maggie draws on her experience as a seer, priestess, healer and  shamanic practitioner. She is a certified coach, trainer and Wild Voice Facilitator (TM) with two Masters degrees and 20 year career as a leader in research and education behind her. 

Maggie Rose Cunningham is my magical door opener. Her talents not only extend to the esoteric, but her genuine warmth and acceptance is embraced and celebrated.
Live workshop participant

Your programme investment

Your programme investment includes lifetime access to the Activate your Magic on line course*, your Magic Circles and 5 Reclaim your Magic retreats. Each retreat runs twice a year.

Join Amplify now for £995 and receive a complementary Ignite your Magic 1-2-1 session with Maggie. Please note that Amplify is in trail-blazer mode through 2024 as Activate is being crafted and created through the course of this year. The programme tuition will rise in 2025 making 2024 an excellent year to invest in yourself!

You can also join via the instalment plan of £320 deposit followed by 3 monthly payments of £225.

*Subject to Magin Rose staying in business (which we intend to!) and excluding recordings of your Magic Circle sessions.

Amplify your Magic

An on-line programme unlocking the next level potential of your seer, sage, mystic, magician and healer self. 

  • Reclaim your Magic on-line retreats supporting powerful reconnection to the magical self as seer, sage, mystic, magician and healer PLUS small group pre-retreat circles to support and integrate your experience
  • The Activate your Magic 6-month immersion programme
  • Exclusive membership to The Cauldron private group to connect, share and learn in community


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