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An interview with Magin

Why did you create this site?

I wanted to share my love of all things runic with others who might be new to the path or looking for their next adventure.  I think the runes are woefully misrepresented as being a twee divination system on much of the internet.  They are so much more than that.

Which rune ‘tribe’ do you belong to?

I am most naturally drawn to the path of the mystic.  Having said that I cannot help buying any book about the runes that cross my path and I have trained in multiple seership, magical and healing methods.

What experience do you have?

Much of my rune practice is self-taught from books I have tracked down.  I have trained in person with Jack Gale and Katie Gerrard who authored Odin’s Gateway and Seidr the Gate is Open.  I trained with Sorita D’Este and David Rankine for many years and have illustrated and contributed to a number of Avalonia publications.

and Seidr the Gate is Open.  I trained with Sorita D’Este and David Rankine for many years and have illustrated and contributed to a number of Avalonia publications.

I trained as a crystal healer with Bhavna Mistry of Life Healing Values.  I undertook my reiki mastership with Kay Gillard and went on to found StarFire Alchemy with her where we co-created a training programme for shamanic practitioners featuring key elements from the northern tradition.  I went on to teach practical courses in rune casting and magic and the intensive northern tradition training programme Yggdrasil’s Path.  I was also a regular contributor to The Shamanic Voice radio station.

I worked within the Alexandrian Wiccan tradition for a number of years and have led psychic, Hellenic and northern tradition groups.  I have also worked in groups exploring  Seidr and currently work within a private group.

What is your spiritual path?

I am very eclectic and believe that any genuine exploration of a spiritual path enriches the soul.  My conception of the ‘woven soul’ which I have found so helpful within the northern tradition provides me with the freedom to recognise I have led whole lifetimes following other traditions and these remain part of me. My guides, gods and teachers are as varied as they are powerful and inspiring. I spent many years wondering why, when others seemed to find themselves within a single tradition, I could not be comfortable within a rigid path dictated by others, nor could I accept that one path was more ‘right’ than another.

Today, I am entirely comfortable with the freedom I have to gather the threads I need from across traditions and draw them into my own soul tapestry – it is in the weaving that unity is found and a solid, coherent path is created. The gaps, spaces and tensions between different traditions and spiritual frameworks should not be ignored (and I am not claiming connections where they are none), but for me these points of disruption, uncertainty and contradiction are opportunities for discovery, evolution and transformation.

What  do you do when you are not working with the runes? 

I am the proud mummy of two wonderful boys and golf widow to my wonderful husband.  We love being out of doors, making cakes and being silly in as many ways as possible.

I have been working in education almost as long as I have been working with the runes and currently work at a university in London.