About the Magin Rose Hearthspace

There are hundreds of wonderful books out there about the northern tradition but, ultimately, it would have been passed down by our ancestors through story and ritual.  I founded the Magin Rose on-line Hearthspace membership in 2020 as a virtual community for experiential learning.

I couldn’t be prouder of our growing community which includes healers, spiritual seekers, teachers, artists shamanic and magical practitioners.   Our resource library, growing archive of recorded trainings and monthly themes exploring different aspects of the northern tradition provide you with a wealth of resources.  We come together for 4 circles each month; many of our members attend in person but the recorded archive means you can always catch up!

The Hearthspace is designed to provide you with a place of inspiration, community support and learning in line with the Magin Rose values of: self expression, laughter, connection, personal sovereignty and truth.  We abide by the following principles: 

  • Science and spirituality are equally valued parts of our human path
  • Powerful personal practice is both authentic and creative
  • Our planet matters
  • When needed we constructively challenge each other’s behaviours, but respect each other’s beliefs as sacred
  • We can achieve great things when we work together
  • Every human being deserves to be  cherished as a future Elder of the tribe
  • Kindness is everything    

All participants on our Awakening to the Runes programme get their Hearthspace membership for free for the full year of their tuition.

Already a member?  Don’t forget to login; you will then see your link to the Hearthspace in your sidebar.

Why don't you join me on Mondays?

Join me every Monday at 11am UTC for Middle Earth Readings on the Magin Rose Facebook page for insights and inspirations for yoru week ahead based on the planetary movements through the runic wheel.  We include a recording of Middle Earth Readings at the end of our ‘Coming up this week’ blog posts.