Working with guides: Runes and the Deities that love them

Have you ever been seduced by a deity? It can be a giddy, life-affirming, expansive experience. Often deities come to teach us specific lessons or to offer support and guidance during life initiations. Their well-springs of wisdom, healing and love never run dry.
What happens, though, when a deity that isn’t all sweetness and light crosses our paths? Modern religion can teach us to polarise; ‘good’ deity and ‘evil’ demonic are neatly ranged on either side of a football field with us as the ball. Not so in the more ancient, earth-based spiritualities where nature itself encompasses the fullness of every experience and makes no apologies for the ecstasy or the despair. You are both, we are both, all is both.
The way back to these ancient teachers, guides and keepers of faith can seem like a journey across a landscape shrouded in fog. Yet there are ways to re-kindle the connection safely and powerfully.
In Magic in Mind today I discuss how the runes work through explicit, implicit and creative connection to the ancient deities of the northern lands. Explicit connections made by our Sage self between Teiwaz and Tyr, Berkano and Loki, Ansuz and Odin, Inguz and Ingvi-Freyr. Connections made by the Seer including Ansuz and Saga, Fehu and Freyja, Gebo and Gefjion. Creative connections made when we ask a deity to teach us about a rune…or a rune to teach us about a deity.
I also look at what to do when a deity offers to work with us and requests something in return… The gods of the north are rising and they reminded me to tell you that they come not to lament at what we have done to ourselves and our planet – they come to help us set it right.

If now is your time to initiate or deepen your partneship with the runes and spirit guides of northern Europe then you'll want to know about my Awaken to the Runes programme: 1 year to gift a lifetime.

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