New Moon Intentions & Seership

Your oracle for the month ahead. Join me for the monthly forecast to help shape your intentions for this lunar cycle.
I’ll also be introducing our theme for the month – beginning a journey of personal transformation with the runes.
Once upon a time the Sage was best known as the ‘wise woman’ or ‘wise man’: secretive, possessing knowledge others didn’t have, gifted with the incredibly rare ability to both read and write. Then the wheel of time turned and some of the gifts of the Sage become so ubiquitous we got bored with them, no, we got complacent with them.
Recovering the Sage means:
  • recovering the ability to curate the memories that hold our wisdom and keep us human
  • recovering the ability to not just acquire but test knowledge
  • recovering the ability to communicate powerfully and influence the flow of fate
  • recovering that magical combination of curiosity and discipline through which wisdom is woven

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