I’m writing this article on the basis that you’ve already decided you want to become a rune healer and are looking for how to start. If you’re not sure it’s your path yet why don’t you head over to my page on becoming a northern tradition healer and pop back when you’re ready?

If your main question is ‘I’m ready to get going, how do I start?’ then read on. 

Healing for yourself

Runes work with mind, body and spirit. They are energies, symbols and sounds with wisdom stories, energetic landscapes, elements and spirit guides attached to them. To wield them you need to know them which is why my foundations programme is a full year.

Awaken to the Runes

On the programme you will connect with each of the runes in the Elder Futhark through 6 elements including story, song and meditation. The programme includes modules on self healing and healing for others with the runes as well as 9 other comprehensive modules on healing techniques with the runes: voice; body; colours and elements; crystals, minerals and earthlore; animals; soul lore; plants, herbs and oils; working with guides and bind runes in sound. 

Your programme includes my level 1 Path of the Healer certification which prepares you to perform rune healing for yourself. 

Healing for Others

All Awaken graduates are eligible for my 2-stage training in offering rune healing for others. 

Step 1: Join Healing for Others LIVE, two half-day immersion trainings in distance healing and healing partnerships with your clients and your runes (hoste on zoom). This training currently runs twice a year; Awakeners nearing the end of their foundational programme can take this course when it runs in the Spring or wait until after graduation. Healing for Others LIVE is also a preparatory component of my shamanic programme Yggdrasil’s Path and can be taken stand alone simply because you want to enjoy the experience of giving and receiving rune healing with others. 

Step 2: The assessed componenet of Healing for Others comprises 10 self-paced modules supporting you in setting up your healing practice (from energetics to zoom rooms, client feedback and contracts); submission and assessment of your personal core session plan and 3 case studies designed using the trainings taught in Healing for Others LIVE and your self-paced training. All students have 3 months from Healing for Others LIVE to complete their self-paced modules and submit their assessments.  

Licensed rune healer

You might not know this but I worked in universities on areas including quality assurance, ethics, learning and teaching and the student experience for 25 years. So I take supporting my rune healers to be the best they can be very seriously. 

All certified rune healers can become licensed with Magin Rose through membership of my Mastery programme for Awaken graduates. In addition to the core Mastery offer (monthly circles, co-working days, peer support forum and an ever-growing hub of resources) certified rune healers receive:

  •  invitations to 4 healing shares per year to develop your practice with other certified rune healers
  • use of a bank of resources available through Magin Rose for you to use with your clients
  • listing on the Magin Rose website as a licensed practitioner
Working within a peer community is, in my view, an essential component for healers. Who heals the healer after all? Who keeps them grounded, helps them grow and works with them when the vocation they have been called to feels particularly challenging? 


Interested but would like to know more before you make a commitment to becoming a rune healer? Head over to my Events and Goodies page and sign up for my Healing with the Runes masterclass. 

I am, of course, not the only rune healer out there. Please do look around. Sit down and make a list of what it is you really want from a trainer. How do you want to feel? What support is essential for you? How do you like to learn? Get picky. Your clients will thank you for it. Any questions I haven’t answered here, email talk@maginrose.com and ask.

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