How to brew magic with your runes and other ingredients

Runes are exceptionally powerful tools for manifesting positive change in our lives; from landing the perfect job to supporting the evolution of the soul. Here are some of the reasons why:
  1. They are the raw energy of meaning-making, communication and story-weaving in the Germanic languages (including English). Why means when you work with them you are crafting your intentions from the very foundations of how we shape our world.
  2. They connect directly to the primal forces of nature and the cosmic world of time and space. Work with the runes, work with the cosmos.
  3. They resonate with other magical tools and objects, enhancing and focusing their energy to channel it in accordance with your intentions.
  4. If you are able to read this they are already embedded in your consciousness and have, indeed, taken a role in shaping it. Which means you are already connected to them – you might just not know it yet.
I’m a great believer that we can make wonderful positive change in the world by working with our full skill set. Which means, for magical people, using their magic!
In this episode of Magic in Mind I take you through some of the different ways you can work with your runes alongside other magical ‘ingredients’ including crystals, essential oils, plants, incense, candles and runic hours. We didn’t even get into colour, voice and body so those will need to be for another day!
You don’t need to know all the runes to begin working with one. In the video I discuss building your personal ‘kenning hoard’ of knowledge about a rune, starting with the traditional associations (the realm of the sage) and building your intuitive relationship from there (the realm of the seer). Let’s say you want to increase your confidence and leadership skills: learn the key meanings of the Mannaz rune and you can select from any of its corresponding ingredients to enhance the power and effectiveness of your magic.
Watch the video and check out the links and information below for further resources.

Visit my Elder Futhark pages for rune meanings & correspondences

Are you ready to become a rune magician (or indeed a healer, seer or mystic)? Then you will want to join:

I mention the rune power hours in the video. Here they are for quick reference (these come from Nigel Pennick’s book Runic Astrology: Starcraft and Timekeeping in the northern tradition).

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