Two birds in a tree with the full moon

Unconscious Bias or Intuition?

Ratatosk is a mischievous squirrel who runs up and down the World Tree between the serpent at the bottom and the eagle at the top. It is said he delights in passing on insults between them but does he have a deeper role?

In this session we will be looking at what can cause is to doubt the insights we receive from the magical self and how to overcome them.

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Join me to reclaim your inner Mystic

Reclaim your Magic: The Mystic - 26th March 2024

Edge-finder, visionary, true-believer, spirit-quester.

These are the essence of the Mystic, the part of you that ventures into the unknown, seeking solitude, ecstatic states and communion with nature to decipher the ever-shifting world. Deeply entwined with the future, Mystics play a crucial role in expanding our understanding of possibilities beyond our current grasp. Every leader, innovator, and artist has access to the power of the Mystic.

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