The forgotten names of the northern mystic.

  • Burgrune – one skilled in the mysteries of the high place
  • Drȳ  – one skilled in knowledge, magic and seership
  • Erilaz – magician
  • Goði, Gyðja – priest/ priestess or chief
  • Haegtesse – hedge rider
  • Helrune – one skilled in the mysteries of the dead
  • Leodrune – one skilled in the mysteries of the tribe
  • Völva – staff bearer/ wand bearer
  • Vitki – wise one/ magician
  • Seidkona – seidr-woman
  • Spakona – prophecy-woman
  • Wyrtgælstre – plant charmer

Why are these names so unfamiliar to us? Because the tradition that birthed them handed down its wisdom as living words on the tongue. Most of these names were captured just over 1,000 years ago in Christian texts outlining outlawed practices. Ironic really that the efforts made to silence their voices would ultimately preserve their names for us to wonder at and quest for. Fragments of a forgotten age spilt over into our consciousness as warnings of what we should not be.

Only we want to be, we need to be, we still are. Their wholeness lives on in our bodies and takes flight in our dreams. The ways of learning so championed in our culture today are barred to us; we must look to the ways of the mystic to encounter these ancient mystics; they demand that we tread the path of discovery with no map, no set of instructions. Just as, long ago, their ancestors did.

Join me for Magic in Mind to explore the forgotten names of the northern mystic.

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Reclaim your Magic: The Mystic - 26th March 2024

Edge-finder, visionary, true-believer, spirit-quester.

These are the essence of the Mystic, the part of you that ventures into the unknown, seeking solitude, ecstatic states and communion with nature to decipher the ever-shifting world. Deeply entwined with the future, Mystics play a crucial role in expanding our understanding of possibilities beyond our current grasp. Every leader, innovator, and artist has access to the power of the Mystic.

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