Celebrating & Releasing with Gna - Welcoming the Mystic self home

Do you have times when you’re just bursting with creative ideas? So many thoughts you can’t keep them all in your head at once? Receiving a dozen ‘downloads’ a day?

Then you’ll want to try my release meditation with the messenger goddess Gna.

Her name means ‘swift’ or ‘gallop’ and she’s no stranger to dealing with more input than the brain can cope with.

The session includes a discussion of why this type of release work is so important in the modern world followed by the meditation which is set at the edges of Asgard, the realm of the sky-gods).

Find a quiet, comfortable and undisturbed spot before you begin!

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If you find this session valuable, I invite you to consider whether Sunna's Starwheel can further support you on your journey.

What if in mastering time we lost rhythm? That deep, connected part that senses the dance of the stars beyond the orange glow of the city sky? Ancient knowing whispered on the tongues of our ancestral selves.

Rooted, powerful magic found at the edges of clock time.

Sunna's Starwheel Membership

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💫 Monthly oracle video and mini-oracles for every planetary movement
💫 Wild Voice (TM) journalling meditations at the 4 phases of the Moon
💫 Training resources for your inner Sage about how runic astrology works alongside story and meditations nurturing your Mystic and Seer
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Purchase a 3 lunar cycle journal to explore in your own space, and get a 30-day free trial of the Sunna’s Starwheel Membership.

Your Sunna’s Starwheel journal introduces you to the runes through the wheel of the year:

💫 Sun Runes resonating with the Chariot of Sol as she speeds through the sky, making her way through each rune in the Elder Futhark
💫 Lunar runes and, in particular, the vibrating force of the Full and New Moons.
💫 Planetary runes – introduced to you as oracles helping you connect with the flow of wyrd (the Anglo-Saxon term for ‘fate’ through the course of each month)
💫 The Zodiac re-drawn by the rune mistress Freya Aswynn to draw in the power of the northern European gods.

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