Tree with Moon

What if the things you've been taught to hide are the very things the world needs from you the most?

We can all search online or buy a book to learn magical techniques. But what about the magic that lives inside you? Your own special blend of gifting meant for the world? What if that gets stuck? Never has a chance to express itself?
Today in Magic in Mind I’m sharing teachings from Freyja for your Magician self.

If you know your change-making, manifesting, project-tending, world-shaping self could do with a boost join me for Reclaim your Magic: The Magician.

Tuesday 30th January 10-2:30 UK time, hosted on Zoom

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2 Replies to “Magic in Mind – Exploring your Magic with Freyja”

  1. I really like this video on the ‘Magician’.We work with shadow and we work with Light People , seem to think we are a little to woo-woo.My circle includes Runes, Tarot, ritual, going into Sacred Space, which most people don’t get. That’s the beauty of ‘Hearthspace’. We can share our Magick and grow our Magick together. Thank you Magin Rose for this Realm where we can meet.

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