Celebration and release...

Pine-blood, Earth-vein
Transformation’s flood.
This is the road of weeping,
the long lowing cry to one meant to return:
who never comes, who never comes.
Absence written large upon the wounded heart,
Sun dipping low, flooding the land red.
Song of lament weaves its pattern through the darkest night,
until dawn caresses gold from pain,
and sets it in a circlet of bright gold.
So we may walk, bedecked in the precious blooms of the past,
while dancing in the ecstasy of a brand new day.

Explore the mysteries of Freyja with this Magic in Mind celebration and release session. We’ll be working with amber which was also called ‘Freyja’s’ tears. You don’t need any amber to benefit from this receiving and releasing process but if you have some you can have it with you to empower your experience.

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