The purpose of the Sage is to make sense of the world so we can participate in it.

– Maggie Rose Cunningham

Perfectionism, ivory-towers, qualification-collecting, over-criticism, self-judgement, analysis paralysis. There are a million ways in which the Sage out there undermines the Sage in here. It is the easiest thing in the world to turn someone’s talent against them by ignoring the true purpose of the Sage and fostering the following damaging beliefs:

  • In order to have authority you need to know everything (you have no idea how many brilliant people I have coached out of this particular rabbit hole);
  • A true Sage can make make the world make sense (and in so doing render themselves blind to the weird and wonderful truths that don’t fit);
  • Sages don’t participate, they observe – that’s how they remain objective (or disassociated, disconnected, out of touch, erm).

Sages provide structure and order through their attention to the evidence base for how life works. They tend to our collective landscapes of memory, meaning making and inquiry. Just like any other aspects of the magical self they need room to play and fail and grow.

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