Are you a Healer and you don't even know it?

How many times have you tracked your finger down a job specification ticking off what you have and what you don’t have? Don’t quite have every piece of the puzzle? Get a qualification, find the experience, make yourself fit the mould.
Then you get the role of your dreams and you’re given a list of probationary steps and a set of development criteria and the whole process starts all over again. Then, as you learn the ropes you start to spot the gaps, the cracks, the failings and the pain. So you take on more, give more, become more. Because (if you’re the purpose-led soul I think you are) you want to be of service, to make a difference, to have meaning in your vocation.
Only, that model of moulding yourself to fit the need doesn’t work because:
  • there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the tasks and fix all the problems
  • we tend to put our best efforts into the things we’re not that great at in the hope of improving, or at least hiding, where we feel deficient
  • the more we prove ourselves adept at the unpopular tasks the more we are asked to do them
  • the more we prove ourselves adept at the toughest tasks the more we are asked to do them
  • the better we get at being helpful and filling the gaps the less we’re seen as having what it takes to lead
If any of the above resonates you may well be a natural Healer. Healers can be analysts, trainers, engineers, researchers, team leaders, reporters, geologists, meteorologists and, of course, you find lots of them in the healing professions. They work with information flows: communications, physical, social, anatomical and ideological structures, eco-systems, complex patterns and data. Healers are finely tuned to pick up disruptions discrepancies, dissonance, discord and disease in their chosen field – often knowing there is something wrong long before they can pinpoint the exact problem.
A Healer who doesn’t know what they are will twist themselves into 1,000 knots trying to fix all the problems they perceive; not recognising, or having the support to recognise, that their healing gifts were never intended to help them fix everything. Knowing what the problem is is NOT your greatest gift. However selfish, egotistical or callous it may feel, the Healer will do better in their career when they actively pursue the work they want to do and fiercely resist the work they ‘should’ do. Aaaaaaargh! I hear you cry (and maybe if you’re a manager – aaaaargh, I’m glad my hard working healers haven’t cottoned on to that bit yet). It isn’t easy to be aware of everything that needs fixing and to say ‘I trust that someone else is making that bit their problem’.
If you are in a job you started out with high hopes for, only to find yourself stretched in all direction, remember that shaping your work to your talents and desires will result in you make a bigger difference to the world in the long term. There is so much pressure on healers – I promise you that a little pressure the other way is no bad thing.
Two things I work with almost all of my clients on: knowing what you want to do in the world and knowing what you’re really, really, really good at. That’s the zone where magic happens.
Watch Magic in Mind below to explore the power of the healer through the lens of the northern tradition and the runes. Healers are the modern Heroes of our times.
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