Why don't you finish what you started?

Are you brilliant at finishing things? Erm…. How about working out the details in the middle of things and creating momentum at the start of things? If you’ve got a whole shed load of never started, half finished and ‘developed a life of their own’ projects the Magician is your area for development.
Here are some things the Magician is unafraid of: repetition (practice makes perfect after all): making tough decisions after some sound evidence-based analysis; making a fool of themselves in the interests of loosening people up and getting them in the right headspace; spending just as long preparing and evaluating as ‘delivering’; being frustratingly annoying in pursuit of excellence; using every tool in their kit (even the ‘woo woo’ ones).
Magicians have a passion for structure and organisation. Their speciality is consciously creating processes that deliver change ( that’s ‘crafting rituals in pursuit of intentional transformation’ for the more witchy amongst you). They distrust sentimentality and emotional attachment. It’s not that the Magician doesn’t feel things deeply, rather, they recognises emotions as forms of energy that require their attention and guidance. If you have a strong Mystic or Healer you are likely to form emotional connections either to a vision of the future or the people you serve. The Magician appraises and moderates these strong magnets for our attention knowing they can dissipate our energy through too many open tasks, undefined projects and ‘could dos’.
Magicians are masterful at assessing both the physical and energetic field in which they are working. Two tools that I’ve found bring out the inner magician in my clients are:
1) The quality, quantity, time triangle whose eternal law dictates how much resource you have available for any one task.
2) The process of energetically ‘shelving’ potential energy drains to a more appropriate time; whether they be other people’s dramas or a shiny new idea.
I’ll be exploring the path of the Magician via my Monday broadcast Magic in Mind all through the coming lunar month (16th August – 15th September). You can join me live or catch up here on the Magin Rose blog.

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Magic in Mind LIVE Self Leadership & the Magician, Monday 21st August 2023, 11am London time in the Hearthspace.

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