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The 4 key ingredients every Magician needs to enhance productivity for themselves and their people

This week I’ve noticed a flurry of articles proclaiming that productivity amongst remote workers is declining. It seems that even Zoom are calling in employees for some face-to-face contact. Lift the hood and, of course, it’s a much more nuanced picture. One article, for example, explained that employees working from home used to put in more hours than those at work which really only holds water if we assume a) time = productivity and b) the best environment is, therefore, the one where employees are putting in the most time.

I find it seriously depressing that we are still equating time with productivity when it should be patently obvious that an exhausted, hesitant, unmotivated, unqualified person will take more time to do a task than an energised, confident, motivated and qualified one. In my live this week I unpacked 4 ingredients that the Magician self uses to assess their potential productivity:

1) Energy (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional)
2) Access to relevant talent, training or expertise (in themselves or their network)
3) Alignment between their personal vision and values and the vision and values they are being asked to express through their work
4) Presence of the correct level of connection and accountability they need to thrive.

Remote working and in-person working are fundamentally not better or worse than each other. Even if you remove the 4 ingredients above, there is still the question of what tasks a person needs to fulfill in order to be counted ‘productive’ and which medium can serve these tasks. So if the new research is worrying you as an employee or an employer take a step back and feel free to use the 4 ingredients above to help you assess how you and your teams make your best magic.

And if you need a bit of help with that assessment drop me a message. Happy to help.

Join me for Magic in Mind to learn move about the path of the Magician including exercises with the Sowilo and Eihwaz runes to enhance your self-leadership.

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