Does the Full Moon affect you?

This week my Monday live was on the day of the Full Moon so I asked the group whether the Full Moon affected them and got a range of rich, thoughtful and affirmatory responses. I find debate about the Full Moon fascinating because it encompasses research evidencing no effect and yet there is testimony from across time and cultures saying that there is an effect. Some people like it: more ideas popping, richer and more enlightening dreams, higher levels of optimism, more energy. Some people hate it: the mind feels duller, dreams are disturbing, higher levels of pessimism, reduced energy. Some report they can oscillate between these extremes during the Full Moon period or it can differ from one Moon to the next. Perhaps the best we can say is, whatever you’re experiencing, the Full Moon will intensify it.
A large number of my clients are highly sensitive. I suspect that if you are already physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically more sensitive to your environment then the phase of the Moon is going to have a greater impact on you than it will your less sensitive peers. I don’t know if any studies have been done looking at that correlation but I’m on the look out!
More important than whether the lunar cycle has an impact on all human beings is whether it has a positive impact on those who deliberately follow it. Energy regulation is a huge issue for my clients and having a huge orb in the sky reminding us that sometimes we’re full, sometimes we’re empty and sometimes we’re sort of 50/50 can be incredibly beneficial in a world where time is measured by two revolving sticks or a vibrating crystal that just keep going no matter what.
This year I stopped following the calendar month wherever possible and moved to a lunar or planetary cycle. It’s deeply inconvenient and highly rewarding in equal measure. The community I work with is global so the ability to schedule in clock time is paramount. I’m never going to be able to put my finger in the air and tell you what date the next Full Moon is so I’m constantly cross-referencing calendars and almanacs in a way that hurts my dyspraxic brain. BUT, once it’s done I know my work (and energy) follows a natural flow of intention setting, building, harvesting, evaluating and releasing that has increased my fruitfulness exponentially.
Does the Moon affect you and, if so, how able are you to harness its energy to ignite your own?
Our power runes explored this week in Middle Earth Readings were:
  • Eihwaz
  • Uruz
  • Gebo
  • Nauthiz
  • Perthro
What is being born in your silence as the Full Moon leaves his tracks across the sky?

If you are new to Middle Earth Readings, we follow the lunar cycle, allowing us to dive deeper into each rune:

  • On the week of the new Moon we will be setting intentions for working with a single rune as a spirit guide during the course of the month.
  • On the week of the waxing Moon we will be opening to receiving the guidance and energies of that rune
  • On the week of the Full Moon we will be exploring rune magics
  • On the week of the waning Moon we will be working on releasing and completion ready for a new cycle to begin

We cover 6 runes in depth each session meaning we will cover all 24 during the course of each lunar cycle. Supporting every phase we have a beautiful discussion thread set up by the lovely Suzanne in the Hearthspace for you to share your intentions, receivings, magics and releasing.

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