My finger hesitates over the mouse. Reading the words over and over again. ‘She’s ill because of him’. Sent by a well-meaning friend to a group they didn’t know I was a member of. I look away from the screen. Down at my hands which are encased in casts, a side-glance at the crutches leaning against my Mum’s pink recliner where I spend most of my time these days. There’s a silver tray on the side with an assortment of pills I’ll be taking after lunch. Since I’ve been ill rumours have circulated about drunken gatherings at my old flat; temple magic and goetian rituals undertaken by people I don’t know in a space I haven’t yet been able to evacuate my things from. How easy would it be to blame this strange, unpredicted, as yet undiagnosed illness on him? To give away all my power in one simple act of blame. But I don’t. I close the screen and for the next 15 years, any time that thought rises to the surface I let it float away. No. I will not attach that meaning to my life. I will not entangle myself in that way. This illness is mine. In my beautiful body. Mine to lean into, find my way through and finally overcome. I’m not going to pretend that the thought didn’t come back. Fluttering its wings against my aching joints every now and then, digging into the fear of those days of pain coming back. What if by choosing to have a relationship with someone like that I had opened myself to being cursed?
Every time we release. Every time we let go. Every time we peel away another layer. That is what standing in your power means, claiming it for yourself every day. Even when you feel at your most powerless. Especially then. I have worked with healers, witches, seers, coaches and wonderful trainers over the years. Each one of them has offered me another road back into power. But I chose to take the path.
This week in Middle Earth Readings I explore how we can work with the energy of the Moon and the runes to release and complete. At this time in the world the valkyrie are at work, looking for heroes to birth a new world. Do you hear them calling?
Runes explored in Middle Earth Readings this week:
  • Gebo – gift, promise, exchange
  • Nauthiz – desire, necessity, suffering
  • Hagalaz – change, discomfort, storm
  • Eihwaz – boundaries, defence, protection
  • Algiz – guidance, innocence, connection
  • Sowilo – certainty, courage, direction
  • Berkano – shape-shifting, new-beginnings, earth goddess

If you are new to Middle Earth Readings, we follow the lunar cycle, allowing us to dive deeper into each rune:

  • On the week of the new Moon we will be setting intentions for working with a single rune as a spirit guide during the course of the month.
  • On the week of the waxing Moon we will be opening to receiving the guidance and energies of that rune
  • On the week of the Full Moon we will be exploring rune magics
  • On the week of the waning Moon we will be working on releasing and completion ready for a new cycle to begin

We cover 6 runes in depth each session meaning we will cover all 24 during the course of each lunar cycle. Supporting every phase we have a beautiful discussion thread set up by the lovely Suzanne in the Hearthspace for you to share your intentions, receivings, magics and releasing.

Are you ready to claim your power with the runes?

I am incredibly excited that, today, the opening modules for the new Awaken programme launched in our new cohort’s members area. Are you ready to claim your power with the runes? To take up these tools of transformation. You can join the programme here:

If spirit is calling but you’re not sure which path to take you can book a free ‘Discover your ancestral magic’ call with me now:

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