On rising he walked down to the water’s edge and sought counsel. He called to the birds of the air who whispered to him of the comings and goings of the many worlds. He not only respected the Trickster’s work to keep his sovereign ego in check, he made him his blood-brother. He knew deep in his heart of hearts that nothing great could be achieved without the efforts and collaboration of countless heroic souls working together. He sought to nourish and reward them, to toast their victories and name their deeds. He looked often into his own soul-yearnings and kept two wolves as companions to remind him of what is spirit thirsted for. As the Day-Star climbed higher in the sky he would gather the many Gods together and they would sit in the sacred groves of Fate to debate and decide the future of their realms. He was unafraid to walk among the people and ask their opinions. Unafraid to travel through the many worlds in search of the wisdom he needed to rule well. When a woman came to his kingdom offering magics deemed ‘unmanly’ by many; he bowed to her and asked her to be his teacher. He never once shirked from the task set to him by fate BUT, when he had need of it, he left the throne in the capable hands of his Queen and wandered the worlds to search for his purpose, integrity and faith.
This morning I came across the following quote from the author and feminist Starhawk:
How much of our early feminist critique of toxic masculinity–the lack of emotion, the anger, the distance we associated with men–was actually a critique of trauma?
It was part of her Father’s Day commemoration and you can read the full piece here: https://www.facebook.com/StarhawkAuthor.
Every year I work with hundreds of women. Together we explore what a different leadership could look like. Drawing on archetypes and mythic story to compensate for the absence of real life role models and Elders to guide the way. I see, week-on-week, month-on-month, year-on-year how it is getting better. More women finding more sustainable, fulfilling ways to make their difference in the world. But I also coach and train men; and for them there is a different challenge. For them, the desire to support the regeneration of the feminine at the very highest levels of leadership and decision-making is real and urgent. They feel their privilege. Know how hard it is for the women they are striving to champion, learn from and advocate for. They know this. But they also know what it is to not want to identify with the masculine leadership that has been role-modelled for them.
The description I gave above is of Odin. His visits to Saga and the Nornir in search of wisdom. His friendship with Loki. His reliance on his warriors, his sons and his allies. His frequent forays out into the world to gather in the wisdom he desires. His ravens Huggin and Munnin (thought and memory) and is wolves Geri and Freki (both representing greed. His learning from the Goddess Freyja and his reliance on his Queen and co-ruler Frigg.
Trauma can be a teacher. Its dead weight, sharp edges and dull-echoes cast shadows within and without until we find the courage to life our light to them. But if we are truly to break free. Then we must not just know what we are leaving behind us. We must know where we are going to. What stories inspire you to believe it can be different?
In Middle Earth Readings this week I explored how the runes can represent the forces of idealism and illusion in our lives. Idealism can be twisted into anger when we realise how far away the perfection we desire is. Illusion can offer safety and comfort which is often needed for the soul to recover before it takes another courageous journey. We took a deep dive into these themes plus the following four runes in our live session today:
  • Laguz
  • Isa
  • Sowilo
  • Hagalaz

If you are new to Middle Earth Readings, we follow the lunar cycle, allowing us to dive deeper into each rune:

  • On the week of the new Moon we will be setting intentions for working with a single rune as a spirit guide during the course of the month.
  • On the week of the waxing Moon we will be opening to receiving the guidance and energies of that rune
  • On the week of the Full Moon we will be exploring rune magics
  • On the week of the waning Moon we will be working on releasing and completion ready for a new cycle to begin

We cover 6 runes in depth each session meaning we will cover all 24 during the course of each lunar cycle. Supporting every phase we have a beautiful discussion thread set up by the lovely Suzanne in the Hearthspace for you to share your intentions, receivings, magics and releasing.

Connect with the runes through ancient sources, story, song and energy channelling

Build your understanding and skill in their uses for seership, healing, magic and personal transformation.


Doors to the 2023 – 2024 Awaken programme close at Midnight on June 25th (BST).

Awaken to the Runes is an experiential journey into the mysteries of the Elder Futhark (the most ancient rune ‘alphabet’). Journey through the course of a full year, meet each rune in the Elder Futhark and work with ancient and modern rune practices. Awaken is delievered on line and includes self-study content and in-person monthly circles.

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