This week’s new moon opens Eostremonath making this lunar month a powerful time for intention setting. It is a time for bonding the dreams we hold on the inside with the possibilities present in the world.
The Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, or Ostara, is the patroness of Spring and new beginnings. In Middle Earth Readings this week we explore intention setting with the following runes:
  • Berkano – the birch tree, rebirth
  • Laguz – water, the gateway of life and death
  • Ansuz – the breath, utterance
  • Nauthiz – need
  • Isa – ice, stillness
  • Dagaz – the gateway of day, transformation
Catch up with the recording to set powerful intentions for your month to come.

If you are new to Middle Earth Readings, we follow the lunar cycle, allowing us to dive deeper into each rune:

  • On the week of the new Moon we will be setting intentions for working with a single rune as a spirit guide during the course of the month.
  • On the week of the waxing Moon we will be opening to receiving the guidance and energies of that rune
  • On the week of the Full Moon we will be exploring rune magics
  • On the week of the waning Moon we will be working on releasing and completion ready for a new cycle to begin

We cover 6 runes in depth each session meaning we will cover all 24 during the course of each lunar cycle. Supporting every phase we have a beautiful discussion thread set up by the lovely Suzanne in the Hearthspace for you to share your intentions, receivings, magics and releasing.

Healing with the Runes - FREE Workshop

I bet you’ve heard of the chakras, reiki and the healing benefits of yoga. But did you know the ancient peoples of Europe had their own magical and energetic healing systems?

In this free 90 minute workshop Maggie Rose, Cunningham, founder of Magin Rose, will introduce you to the runes as energetic forms with healing properties: keys to wholeness, gateways to self-expression. Maggie will cover the different forms of rune healing from their earliest roots through to modern day practices. Participants will also get to undertake some healing work with the runes for themselves.

Want to dive deeper?

Explore the opportunities with our (lunar) monthly email and resources – Sunna’s Star Wheel

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