How many people do you know who woke up one day just knowing their purpose? And how many of those people have kept the same purpose, unshakeable, unchanging their entire life long? The number’s pretty small I’m betting.

For most of us purpose is something elusive: found when we least expect it in places of play and sacred silence but also in hardship and injustice. It is often not something we can verbalise. It is felt like the needle of a compass pointing us to our own true north.  

Now is the time to emerge, re-born into a world that needs your gifts.

Magin Rose is delighted to invite you to  the Vision Quest virtual retreat. Three powerful ceremonies questing for the world your soul tribe is creating, the life your spirit thirsts for and the acts that represent your greatest service this year.  Your retreat will also, of course, include immersion in the story and energies of the nothern European mysteries. Hosted on Zoom on Monday 13th, 20th and 27th March 20:00-21:30 London time.

Harness the energy of the Spring Equinox to  step into a more fruitful, fun, energised and fulfilling year. Quest with Odin, Freyja and Thor to find your soul’s purpose for this new journey around the Sun.  

Purpose is not fixed. It evolves as the fates of the world unfold. It evolves as you connect more deeply to your spiritual core. It evolves in response to the experience, wisdom and power you have gathered on your life’s path.

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