The wheel is speeding up. Whether it’s the mill stone or the spindle, the water wheel or the windmill. The Chariots of the Planets are speeding across the sky, none are in retrograde and the energies of stillness are dissipating. Which means you want to be asking yourself two questions:

  • Who or what is guiding your chariot?  
  • Who or what is partnering with you (pulling the chariot)? 

In Middle Earth Readings some of the topics I covered included: the lone nutter and the dancing guy, when we try to fill our needs with our desires, the power of the leek. And there might be some runes in there too 🙂

If you are looking for support to set your intentions for the year ahead, overcome blocks and direct your energies down their most potent course you can book a private session with me here: 

In Conversation With...

If you missed my interview with Karen in the Hearthspace last week, you can catch up in there, or the video is now available to view on Youtube.

When I met Karen I knew she would bring something special to our transition to exploring ‘the wild way’ with Jarnsaxa to ‘intuitive knowledge’ with Heimdall. In Jarnsaxa we find someone willing to stand for that which is pushed outside the dominant discourse; in Heimdall we find someone listening atuning to every sense, faculty and mode of perception. We so badly need more people who are able to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and energetic experience.

Dreamwheel Retreat: Illuminate

Our virtual retreat started on 30th January – supporting deep listening to self, connection to your wisdom and powerful intention setting for the year to come.

Would you like to join us? Your ticket to Illuminate provides access to the recordings of all sessions, whether you weren’t able to attend live, or have registered after we started.

Our next event is on Monday 13th February, 8pm – 9.30pm GMT – The Beacon on the Shore

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