The energy of beginnings, causes, possibilities and action is starting to emerge – but don’t let it fool you. There will be times that feel like set-backs; times when you are too tired, everything feels like too much, or stuff you thought you had dealt with rears its head. These are the last husks of the old year peeling away as you start to move. There is old stuff to shed, but also treasure still to be found, waiting under the earth where you buried it for a rainy day. 

This week offers a potent time for power and soul reclamation, particularly at the end of the week with the Thurisaz Full Moon. To me, this time feels like one of those mornings when you return to the house at least 5 times to retrieve something you forgot. There’s an impatience to get going but, once you’re on your way you’re going to be glad you went back for your water bottle or that form you really need to hand in. This week is a great time for finishing and completing – it’s going to free up your energy for what is coming next. It’s also a powerful time for working with the dream space to call back energy from places, people and projects where your attention, emotions, or energy have bound themselves. So when you feel like you’ve taken one steps forward only to find yourself two steps back – remember that this time will pass and every dive back into the darkness is a treasure hunt.

Good seeking! 

Coming Up:

This week I will be re-igniting my ‘In conversation with…’ interviews with the lovely Karen Chappell. Karen, known as the pain detective, is a Chronic Pain Specialist and Founder of Bodylogiq™ Approach. I was fascinated the first time I saw her working with someone, combining  her clear knowledge of the human anatomy with what I recognised as an instinctive and skilled practice with the energetic anatomy. 

She started out many years ago as a fitness instructor and went on to train in different modalities including energy healing, sports massage, osteopathic techniques, theory of pain and counselling. She has a global client base achieving a 95-98% success rate.

When I met Karen I knew she would bring something special to this week where we transition to exploring ‘the wild way’ with Jarnsaxa to ‘intuitive knowledge’ with Heimdall. In Jarnsaxa we find someone willing to stand for that which is pushed outside the dominant discourse; in Heimdall we find someone listening atuning to every sense, faculty and mode of perception. We so badly need more people who are able to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and energetic experience.

I will be interviewing Karen in the Hearthspace and you will also find my live opening to our month of working with Heimdall there. 

Dreamwheel Retreat: Illuminate

Our virtual retreat started on 30th January – supporting deep listening to self, connection to your wisdom and powerful intention setting for the year to come.

Would you like to join us? Your ticket to Illuminate provides access to the recordings of all sessions, whether you weren’t able to attend live, or have registered after we started.

Our next event is on Monday 6th February, 8pm – 9.30pm GMT – The Vessel of Dreams

Hearthspace circle: A month opening to intuitive wisdom

Join me for 4 circles opening to intuitive wisdom with the guardian of the Bifrost bridge – Heimdal. Starting on Wednesday 1st February with our first circle on 3rd February. 

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