Overwhelm. Dreams so vivid I can smell them days after. Tightness building in every cell of my body as, day-in-day-out, I’m hit by wave after wave of other people’s stuff. A cascade of karmic debris showering down over a world that never says STOP. Scrolling. Binging. Energy diminishing day by day.

This can be the experience when we are energetically open. Which is why in Middle Earth Readings today I discussed how we can partner with our runes to help us build practices of conscious receiving. Some runes are naturally ‘openers’ but even they can be moderated (see my discussion of the Perthro rune in the video); others offer a more obviously ‘healing’ or ‘defensive’ energy. But, just like us, they are all capable of operating on multiple modalities. Here are some questions that your partnership with your rune this week might help you with: 

  • How clear am I on my chosen purpose and how well does that purpose help me filter what I receive? 
  • How good am I at graciously saying no to what I don’t want to receive? 
  • What parts of me are shut off from receiving what I might actually need?  
  • When during my day am I in receiving mode and when am I not?

Why not head over to our Hearthspace group where you will find free resources about healing with the runes which we are exploring this month plus my introduction to working with the goddess Hela which will go live on Wednesday.  

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