When day turns to night

You know those moments when you think nothing is happening only everything is happening: under the surface. Those 1,001 pieces of information your conscious mind totally failed to process will now be greedily devoured by your subconscious mind and turned into useful stuff. Revising beliefs, healing old wounds, sorting the wheat from the chaff, stowing away the ideas that bubbled briefly to the surface until the time is ripe for them. This is the foundation stone of creativity and intuition.

Ever notice that new year occurs in the middle of winter here in the northern hemisphere? The lunar month also starts at the cresent, not the full. Long ago, our ancestors saw the beginning of the day not as the dawn, but as the dusk. Even today the new day is born while we are sleeping.

What happens in a world where rest is not the reward but the pre-requisite to constructive play and fruitful work?

Did you now that the letter D is only half what it used to be? To our northern European ancestors the symbol for D was Dagaz. Dagaz means ‘day’ and it is shaped like an angular infinity loop. The time of rest and sleep is not a bi-product of the day; it is an essential part of our creativity, ingenuity, resilience, wisdom and growth. We learn and practice through the day, we integrate and transform through the night.

So any time you feel guilty about going to bed early, lying in for an extra half an hour or grabbing a power nap, remind yourself: I’m working.

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