This week we move into the half month of Algiz and in Middle Earth Readings I discussed working with your rune of the week as a muse, ‘genius’ or guide. In the northern tradition the spirits or energies that help us open to our next growth potential come in many shapes and guises: the fylgja/ fetch, your Disir, the Nornir, your personal birth runes, Valkyria or, indeed a dream portent, rune reading, visitation from an ancestor or deity. Oracular wisdom was readily available to our ancestors and not treated as something ‘woo woo’ or suspicious. Indeed, the All-Father himself regularly sought and received oracular wisdom. It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that fate is calling us out in big ways to change our relationships with our world and each other: to recover a relationship with nature in which we know ourselves to be part of its wildness and its cycles and to look for the answers to our problems in the creative potential existing between groups of diverse peoples.

I call my blog ‘Big dreams need deep roots’ because I believe just that: we need to be rooted in collective experience, tested and tended faith, creative relationship with our natural world, the touching of bliss and ecstasy that helps our hearts stay strong and open and our minds flexible and fierce. 

If you are looking for your Muse here are some places you might just find it:

Dreamwheel Retreat: Illuminate

A virtual retreat starting on 30th January supporting deep listening to self, connection to your wisdom and powerful intention setting for the year to come.

Hearthspace circle: A month opening to intuitive wisdom

Join me for 4 circles opening to intuitive wisdom with the guardian of the Bifrost bridge – Heimdal. Starting on Wednesday 1st February with our first circle on 3rd February. 

Sunna's Starwheel

Birth runes and runic astrology, picture of person sitting under runes

Open to the wisdom of the runes and planets through Sunna’s Starwheel, a gentle initiation into the art of runic astrology. Receive an email, audio talk and soul care meditation each month for 12 months alongside resources helping you discover runic astrology and your birth runes.  

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