Upon a misty shore, cocooned within a veil of white and lulled by the sound of the sea into a sleeping place. If the wolf is at my back I feel him only tenderly as a reminder of what was and what will be. Times when the year has pressed its full fruiting between my fingers and I have known the speed and raucousness of life. Busy days and giddy nights where stars spin and the dawn catches at my edges and reminds me to stop and drink it in. 

Here upon the misty shore of the opening year the mouths of the Gods gape wide and ask us to look inwards. Who did you become as you rode the dance of the old year? How did you shape-change, skin-shift, soul-evolve to keep time with the demands of the road? What spent itself upon the path? Which old griefs finally came to rest? What new sorrows etched themselves upon your story? Where did joy find its corner within your heart? Follow its light, for you may not yet see the road ahead – but it sees you. It is forged by all you have become. Join the Illuminate retreat to follow that light and prepare for where it leads.

In Middle Earth Readings this week I looked at completions in the form of ‘vengeance’, or rather, what the obligation for vengeance has become in modern society. What do we need to be complete? To offer a complete, whole, prideful legacy to those of inherit our planets after us?  What is best in us does not emerge full-formed into the summer harvest. It roots down, takes time, seeks nourishment, waits for the Sun. 

Illuminate Retreat

Join me for Illuminate a virtual retreat taking place over 3 Fridays at 8pm London time on Monday 30th January, 6th and 13th February. Let the light be re-born in you.

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